Roads Much Improved in Many Areas; Some Icy Spots Remain, Though

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TENNESSEE VALLEY (WHNT) - We've made it to Friday, and many of you are headed back to work and school.  If you're in Huntsville/Madison County, you're in good shape.  The roads are clear.

In Decatur, there's a backup on I-565 East near the I-65 interchange - the traffic goes back for miles, one viewer reports.  I-565 West is moving smoothly.

Elsewhere, the warmup into the 40s on Thursday really helped melt ice and snow away, even though you definitely still see it in chunks on the side of the main roads.

You may encounter some icy spots on bridges and overpasses.  WHNT News 19's Robert Reeves has been on the Whitesburg Bridge and reports it's clear. He's also driven Highway 231 over Brindlee Mountain and said it looks much better today than Thursday morning.

You may encounter some icy patches, or spots where water 'glazed over' overnight - so please be alert and use caution, especially on secondary and rural roads that didn't get the same attention the main roads did.

Other specific problem areas include:


Drake Avenue just west of Memorial Parkway is closed, over Pinhook Creek, where two vehicles spun off the bridge.  Both drivers are okay.  Crews are treating the bridge with sand to get rid of any icy spots.

Fearn Street is still closed.


6:30 a.m. - Police had reported some icy spots overnight, but say primary roadways are mostly clear as of Friday morning.  Secondary roads still have isolated patches of ice.  Some turn lanes and medians are also icy.  Please drive slowly and keep a good distance between other vehicles.  Black ice and other isolated patches of ice may appear suddenly, giving you little to no time to react.  Use special caution on bridges, low-lying areas and in areas which are shaded.

DeKalb County

Highway 35 in Fort Payne, in the downtown area, has some icing.

Beason Gap Road still has some icing.

Hwy 117 from DeKalb to Jackson County has some icing.


  • Tim

    Yesterday I witnessed the most insane drivers on the road.. Really people what is wrong with you ? Congrats ! You win the grammy for STUPIDITY…..

  • Pamela

    Tim, I agree wholeheartedly with you. While driving to work yesterday morning some of the drivers were flying by at least 70 to 80 mph. I hope to have a job where these folks work some day, obviously they can’t wait to get there.

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