Where Are Those Oysters From?

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Didn’t Cut the Mustard:

Another Broken Egg Café at 2722 Carl T Jones Dr. in Huntsville: Score of 82

  • No documentation for food manager's course.
  • Food items were held at 44F to 59F in the grill cooler drawers and reach-in-cooler (raw beef, sausage, milk, heavy cream)
  • Chili was held at 47F in the walk-in-cooler.
  • The chili was prepped on 02/02/14.

In & Out Mini Mart at 30697 U.S. Highway 72 in Madison: Score of 74

  • Failing septic system.
  • Not sanitizing dishes.
  • Raw Fish 50F, Raw steak 65F, Walk-in cooler steak 49F.
  • Rice & Beans 85F.

China One at 1441 Sunset Drive in Guntersville: Score of 80

  • Cold holding at 64 degrees.
  • Shell stock tags.

Golden Spoon: 

New Market BBQ at 5601 Winchester Rd in New Market: Score of 99



  • Ed Worley, Jr.

    This is a good service. But it covered only four establishments. It ought to be a better service, A good step forward: give us the URL where we can find the full report every week, graphically for at least 7 seconds, and announcing it also, twice even.
    Better service still: pull together all the past 12 months of reports – the list the dept. puts out is jumbled, out of good order, and that makes it difficult and troublesome to find a particular establishment – and format a searchable report alphabetically by name & location (street address) with grade, date of inspection, and details of findings; and for each failing establishment, place the follow-up inspection(s) for the same on the next line below the first report on the same establishment. Make it searchable by any word in name and by street address (allowing exact and allowing range of numbers as alternate search method).

  • Claire Aiello

    Ed, we have this link on our main Restaurant Ratings page (under the ‘Taking Action’ tab). It’s the red button on the right rail – it’s where you can search for all recent restaurant/food scores by the state: http://foodscores.state.al.us/(S(e0nj2wrbd0bdrw55rvfq2f2c))/Default.aspx

    Give it a try – you can find most places on there and see the latest rating.

    I’ll ask our folks to please include this with the weekly report. Thank you for using WHNT.com.

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