Senate Approves Bill on Holiday Greetings in Alabama Schools

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MONTGOMERY, Ala. (WHNT) – The Alabama Senate approved a bill allowing children in Alabama classrooms to learn about Christmas and Hanukkah. The bill also allows students and teachers to exchange holiday greetings.

The Senate passed the bill 22-7 Thursday. Senator Gerald Allen, a republican out of Tuscaloosa, proposed the bill. The bill now goes to the House for approval.

As of right now, Christmas and Hanukkah are the only two winter holidays acknowledged in the bill. If the bill passes, that would mean public schools have the ability to educate students on the two holidays. It would also mean students and teachers can acknowledge the holidays openly in greetings.

Senator Quinton Ross (D) of Montgomery tried to add Kwanza. The amendment was two votes shy of being added to the bill.

Allen says the bill would make things more black and white when it comes to what educators can do with the holidays in school. Opponents say the bill creates a legal challenge.

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  • Elaine M.

    I’m glad to see that Christmas and Hanukkah can be more than an expression of retail exchange with credit and debit.

  • Cindy

    It is a shame that nowadays it takes senate approval for kids (and teachers) to be able to say “Merry Christmas” to each other without fear of disciplinary action. But I am glad that the bill passed. I am glad, too, that the made-up holiday of Kwanzaa was not allowed to be in the bill. That made-up holiday has no place in schools, as it was invented by a “Black Power” activist in the 1960’s, as an alternative to Christmas for black people. (his words—the guy who created Kwanzaa) It may occur around Christmas, but has nothing to do with it. It was created by a man who received a prison sentence for torturing women.

    • Sammy

      Cindy, legislative action is not necessary. Alabama Republicans do needless things like this to keep people like you happy!

  • Hunter

    Glad their is legal backing to saying Christmas now. Maybe now we can all stop worrying about offending others and move on. On another note it’s sad it took the actions of our legislation to make it ok to say and talk bout Christmas. It is sad indeed but at least it’s a move in A right direction

  • Josh

    Eh none of it pertains to me anyway. Half the Christians in Alabama are hypocrites. Religion should stay out of public learning areas. Period. if you want your kids to learn Christianity, Islam etc send them to a private religious school. This is America, a country founded on many freedoms, founded by a people seeking asylum from religious persecutions. Religion is why America is reversing into a dark period instead of progressing into the future. I really don’t care whom you believe in, but don’t force us to listen to you either. When we say Happy Holidays in a good spirit, many Christians get angry. You are not Christians, but monkeys hiding behind a cross throwing poop that you are eating from a book mostly written anonymously.

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