Osborne’s Jewelers Last Business Standing in Mason Plaza

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HUNTSVILLE, Ala. (WHNT) — You may have noticed that the scenery on Memorial Parkway is starting to change. Mason Plaza is mostly demolished, with the exception of Osborne’s Jewelers. On the front of the store hangs a large white and red sign reading, “WE’RE STILL HERE!”

Everett Osborne said his store had the longest lease with Bragg Development Properties. They have until the end of April to move out. “A lot of our customers thought we had already moved, so they’ve called up, where are you where are you?” he said. “Well we’re still here, at the same location.”

The store will relocate to a temporary location just south of its current building on Memorial Parkway. They’ll be reunited with a former Mason Plaza business. “Oriental Rugs is there now. We’re going to be sharing that building with him,” said Osborne. “It’s a very large 10,000 square foot building so we’ll each have plenty of room.”

All of the store’s neighbors have already moved. Osborne’s stands alone. “It’s kinda lonesome here by yourself, but we have a big customer base.”

The noise of the bulldozer serves as a reminder of what is to come, but Osborne said he’s not bothered by it. “We kind of had an agreement where they were going to fence off and where they weren’t so it’s worked out pretty well, very good, they’ve been very kind to us.”

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