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Latest Wintry Blast Creates Backlog At Doctors’ Offices

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MADISON, Ala.(WHNT)-The latest wintry blast is taking a toll on several small businesses in our area, including local doctors’ offices.

Mass cancellations and a lot of rescheduling are forcing many of those offices to play catch-up. That’s certainly the case for Dr. Patrick O’Neill who runs his own practice in Madison.

“Today it’s about 80 percent cancellations,” said Dr. O’Neill. “It’s understandable considering the road conditions…I’m looking forward to tomorrow. It’s going to be a crazy day.”

Dr. O’Neill’s practice stayed open for regular hours during this week’s two-part snow event. But despite that dedication, most patients ended up scrapping their appointments, creating a backlog that he and his small staff will now have to sort through.

“We’ll work longer days and we’ll be very flexible with appointments,” said O’Neill. “We’ll get people in that need to be in and just be flexible.”

Dr. O’Neill and other area physicians decided to waive late cancellation fees for patients in light of the weather. Like any other business, the loss of customers this week is a hit on his bottom line, but he tells us they’ll find a way to pull through.

“We may be down a little but those are the breaks,” said O’Neill. “If you look at the end of the month we’ll probably end up maybe down ten, fifteen percent. But I think if you look at it long-term it will be fine.”