Flight Cancellation Pileup Likely Won’t Clear Till Next Week

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HUNTSVILLE, Ala.(WHNT)-Most of the snow may have melted, but a messy backlog of canceled flights remains behind at Huntsville International Airport, and things may not get back to normal until next week.

Airport spokeswoman Chantel Minish told WHNT News 19 that passengers who have been waiting for a rescheduled flight may have to keep waiting a little longer due to a cancellation clog that’s gone nationwide.

More than 10,000 flights across the United States have been scrapped since Monday, with well over half of those coming Thursday. Huntsville International did see a slight improvement in its own traffic over the last 24 hours, but the schedule is still far from normal.

“I would definitely say the majority of flights have been canceled in and out of Huntsville today,” said Minish. “I would expect passengers to still be feeling those effects as they try to travel today, tomorrow and even through the weekend…Four of our direct destinations have been impacted by the weather. Charlotte, Atlanta, DCA (Washington Reagan National) and Washington Dulles. So we’ve seen a lot of cancellations in and out of Huntsville because of that.”

Airport officials say passengers who are stranded and don’t have another flight for a few more days should continue to monitor airline websites in case a quicker rebooking emerges. Until then the waiting game continues.