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Mandatory Driving During Winter Weather

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FLORENCE, Ala. (WHNT) – Roads have been slick and icy throughout this week due to the winter weather. Even though some residents in the Tennessee Valley decided to not drive, other residents had no other choice but to drive.

Robert Bates said he had to drive due to his medical condition.

“Well, I had to pick daugther up from the hospital and I just left dialysis myself. I couldn’t stop going,” said Bates.

Franklin Parnell works in the medical field and said his job didn’t stop because of the snow.

“Just doing my daily job and it was real light today. I’m a medical carrier and many doctors were not in the office today, but I was,” said Parnell.

Walker Reeves said he simply took the risk of driving just to run errands. He said he only drove within a close proximity to his house.

“I’ve driven in stuff like this before. I think most people have. You just have to know how to handle it. You can’t be going too fast, you know, you have take your turn slow but besides that it doesn’t really seem like that big of a deal to me,” said Reeves.