A Different Way To Say ‘School’s Closed’

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DEKALB CO., Ala. (WHNT) -- DeKalb County parents got a different kind of message telling them schools were closed.

Over the last few days parents across the Tennessee Valley have heard an automated or recorded message from the superintendent or principal telling them schools were closed.

In DeKalb County this week, parents there heard something a little different.

It is a recording of DeKalb County Schools Superintendent Hugh Taylor and his four children, chanting their own modified remake of the song 'Double Dutch Bus'.

Taylor's children had the idea to deviate from the normal.  "They've heard me do the message, you know, school's out, going to be canceled, all business like," Taylor says.

So for fun, they made their own and sent it out. "We thought it would be fun. Everybody's been at home for a couple of days you know, maybe lift their spirits," Taylor says.

Listen to the message: 

Taylor says from what he's heard it did.

So will there be any more message remakes in the future?  "We might have a couple more," Taylor says.