High School Bans Leggings, Students Disagree

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ROCKPORT, Mass. — No more leggings at school – that’s what’s happening at a high school in Massachusetts.

FOX25 reported that more than 20 students were sent home last week from Rockport High School for wearing leggings.

Faculty members at the school complained students were not complying with the dress code policy in the student handbook.

Teachers said the skin-tight leggings are too revealing – but students disagree.

“We’re not trying to be out there trying to be sexy or we’re trying to get boys attention we’re just wearing them so we can be comfortable,” said Katharine Boucher, a student.

Some parents said there are more important things that the school should be concerned about.

“I just think it’s absolutely ridiculous, there’s no reason for this to have been blown out of proportion. This is crazy, these poor kids,” said Janine Boucher, a parent.

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  • R.Mu

    Poor Kids?! Are you kidding me?! They are skin tight. The wrong color and you look like you are wearing NO PANTS AT ALL. I agree with the school.

    • Lexi

      I find your response very upsetting. As you said, “leggings are skin tight”, well so are jeans, shorts and most skirts. If you were to base a dress code on the “tightness” of the apparel, then you would ban almost everything in an average female’s closet.

  • Michele

    You have got to be kidding me!!!!
    How about focus on teaching and not what the students are wearing. LEGGINGS are far from revealing no matter how tight. No skin is showing. GET YOUR PRIORITIES STRAIGHT!!

    • Brian Gifford

      Oh yes. lets not worry about our kids with raging hormones showing off all their goods with hundreds or more of other kids with raging hormones. Lets let them wear something that is extra skin tight and damn near see through. And people wonder why the teen pregnancy rates are so high. Oh it’s the boys fault… they should know better. That’s BS. Leggings are very revealing and have no place in schools unless they comply with the same body coverage rules such as shorts not allowed over the knee. leggings should be considered as pantyhose in school environments

      • Melissa

        I think you are confusing leggings with tights. Leggings are opaque to just below the knee, mid calf or to the ankle.

    • Tera Gram-Browne

      How about teaching them a little personal responsibility to dress decently and quit showing every nook and cranny? WHY would any good parent let their teenager out of the house dressed like a streetwalker? I guess I inadvertently answered my own question; a good parent would not allow it!

  • MrsRWest

    There are some leggings that are sheer and you can see underwear through them, and a lot of girls do wear leggings as pants, and leggings aren’t pants. As long as girls are wearing long enough shirts/sweaters/dresses that cover the butt they aren’t revealing and shouldn’t have been banned, but i do understand if they aren’t wearing them right and the leggings are too thin

  • Rachel

    As a young person I personally love leggings. But I do not agree with wearing them as pants. If your rear & front is covered by shorts or a big t-shirt then they are perfectly okay. I wear leghings with huge shirts and with shorts. Leggings are not ok more comfortable than jeans, they are fleece lined and alot warmer. As a member of the Church of Christ I do not think they are church appropriate. If they kids are comfortable and learn better that way, let them wear them. As long as their rear and front isnt showing and is covered by some type or shirt or short.

    • Robert

      Rachel I agree with you completely & Thank you for speaking up & being a Good Christian example to others on this subject

  • tara

    The way u dress can be a distraction from learning in the classroom. Leggings are undergarments. If worn inappropriately then they should be sent home.

  • DTD

    There are plenty of ways they can be comfortable that don’t involve skin-tight, clinging garments. I applaud the school for taking a stand.

    • Lexi

      I find your response not very thought through. Yes, leggings are tight, but so are jeans, shorts, and most skirts. What is a female supposed to wear if everything in her wardrobe is banned because it is deemed “too tight”.

  • Gene

    It sounds like a rule was in place before the incident. If they followed the dress code there wouldn’t be a problem.

  • HGH

    I think that as long as the shirt worn with leggings is long enough to cover what it needs to…there shouldn’t be a problem with them.

  • Baine

    Girls are always victims of being over-sexualized. Maybe you should just teach the boys and teachers not to be so easily distracted by a girls body.

  • Stephan

    Many thanks to the school for standing up for the Dress code. It’s amazing to me that girls want to dress like street walkers and then yell harrassment when someone makes a remark to them. Cover yourself up. It’s school, not a bar and not a strip club. Obviously, you cannot teach class to unclassy people.

  • Tracie

    Leggings worn under a short skirt or shorts is not a problem. It’s the same short skirt or shorts that would be worn without the leggings. I’ve seen girls wear them as pants, and yes, that’s a bit too much for me to see. This is the same issue as in the early 70’s with short skirts… People said only immoral girls wore them and they should be banned. Now, girls want to wear leggings. My preference is that a sweater or skirt be long enough to cover their behinds. But that’s my preference. It’s not somebody else’s preference. Can we all just agree that girls that want to mess around and chance getting pregnant are going to mess around and chance getting pregnant regardless of what they wear? Can we all agree that a nice looking “good girl” can wear clothes that make herself very attractive….that just does not mean she wants to go screw in the parking lot after school. It just means she wants to look trendy and attractive. People seriously need to get over stereotypical labels. At some of the same schools, boys are allowed to wear pants with their boxer briefs showing. So give it a rest on what girls wear. Boys and/or girls will be attracted to each other whether they are in sweatpants or leggings. Girls will get pregnant out of wedlock from now until the Second Coming. Some will have worn suggestive clothing. Some will be less than attractive girls that don’t wear the trendy fashions. Give it a rest. Quit attracting attention to them…and the trend will pass.

  • Robert

    Leggings are underwear. Just like long johns aee for men. The best way to make the kids stop is to have all their parents wear leggings and walk them to their locker to get ready for class.

  • Autumn

    Leggings are totally pants. And if its wrong to wear leggings as pants then I don’t want to be right. I love them they are comfortable and can be worn so many different ways!

  • JA

    Leggings are pants, yea, and so are biker tights and jeans with holes all the way to the crotch. If it was banned in the dress code then these kids should expect to be sent home. It is school after all, can’t they read?

  • Rhonda Carter

    Our priciple banned them also. If the girls would have worn them in the proper manner it would be ok. They are suppose to wear them with a top that covers their butts so you cant see every thing they got. To many girls were wearing them where you could see everthing. Don’t tell me they don’t make shirts like that. The ones who did wear them right looked great in them. The question i have is how can a mother let them walk out of house looking like that?

  • Yuki

    These kids are more concerned about what’s on their bodies than what is going in their minds! Good for the school system for upholding a standard; too many allow our decency to fall to the wayside all in the name of personal choice. I applaude the school.

  • Fran Atterton

    Welcome to the real world, When you start your career after school your not going to be able to wear leggings to work or even your PJ bottoms.. It’s not that the schools are being to strict there just trying to get our children ready for the REAL world..

    • Lexi

      Then if all of those things are going to be banned, then why not let them be a teenager for a couple of years and not be so quick to pushing them into adulthood.

  • teacher

    As a teacher in a school system with a “no skin-tight pants” dress code, wearing leggings breaks the rules, yet many girls get away with it. If you happen to glance in the wrong direction at the wrong time you get an eye-full of anatomy you do NOT want to see. Girls demean themselves by wearing leggings without something that covers them down past the no-zone. NO clothing that outlines private parts should be worn in public.

  • parent of teens

    I don’t think it matters about personal opinions. Schools have dress codes. It is simple as that. If kids can’t learn to respect authority and conform to a dress code then what is going to happen when they enter the work force and have to comply with the dress code there? If it wasn’t leggings then it would be something else. School officials have a major responsibility and parents need to encourage students to comply with school policy and just accept it. Good grief. Grow up! You don’t have to like it.

  • Ally

    I am a student, college student now, but a student none the less, and I have had my fare share of dislikes with dress codes. I have to see girls walking around in leggings all the time, and it bothers me because leggings are meant to go under clothes and to keep you warm. The reason this has been banned, I can assume, and why they think it is too revealing, is because people (not just teens) abuse them and where normal-length shirts with them. Now I will admit that I wear leggings because they are comfortable, but I make sure that I have on a skirt, dress, or shirt that is long enough to cover my behind and my front. I know people my age and younger don’t think about it, but wearing tight clothes like this are the reason older men and women, even older kids, stare and creep on girls, because they think that since she’s wearing something that’s showing everything off that she wants people to look at her. I have worn tight clothes, sure, but I don’t really like it anymore because I know that people stare at me (I see them) and mostly its OLDER men. It’s CREEPY. I am not saying this because I am some goody-goody or because of any other excuse people might come up with (sorry), I am saying this because I didn’t dress conservatively in high school (wore pants that were too tight, dresses that might have been too short, short shorts in p.e., and low cut/tight shirts) and I got called a ton of names even though none were true and guys (even a few teachers) looked at me in ways that made me uncomfortable. Guys think that they can take advantage of girls who dress this way, and in reality, they can because at such a young age you don’t care and you just go along with it. This is my opinion. The opinion of a Freshman in College, who came from a school in Madison County, AL.

  • Alex

    Could have just wrote a story about Athens High Schools dress code and you would have got the same story. I got sent home last week for wearing yoga pants. I was running late for school and didnt have time to scrounge around the dryer looking for some of my jeans, because all my other pairs were in my floor dirty. I was told that if no one could bring me a different pair of pants that i would have to sit in ISS for the rest of my day. I told the lady that said this to me that i was seventeen years old and i could drive myself to my house and change pants. I understand leggings and yoga pants come off as ‘reveling’ but most of the girls that do wear them will wear a longer shirt. My parents tell me before i leave the house in tights if my shirt is too short. Im not saying like it has to cover your whole butt. Point of what im saying is we do it because we wanna be comforatble. Im not worried about impressing anyone at my school because honestly im only friends with a few people that are still in school and i hang out with a handful of classmates outside of school. They are making a big deal about what we look like and our appearance but… they are also interfering with our learning because they are sending us out of class and home just to change pants. Its a complete joke if you ask me. Thank god for graduation in a few months.

  • Tammy

    Leggings are not pants. You know what they would be called if they were pants? PANTS! They are not attire to be worn to school or work. These kids that are complaining KNOW the dress code and are just upset they cant wear whatever they want to. Get used to it, life doesnt care what you want. When you get fired for not wearing what your supposed to will be a big joke too.

  • Mitch

    A rule is a rule and this rule does not hurt anybody. I’ve struggled with my daughter to make sure she wears skirts with her leggings before. However, I think that high school fashion has nothing to do with sexuality and everything to do with social acceptance. Catholic school girls and amish girls get pregnant too. Sexuality is part of being human no matter what you put on. Rape is common in the Middle East where women are expected to cover themselves completely. That being said, the school is just setting a dress code standard which I have no problem with. If they think it will affect the sexual habits of high schoolers, they’re wrong.

  • TG

    The same thing has happened recently at school in Killen,Al. I agree with enforcing school policy and preparing our children for adulthood. The problem I have is you have teachers in this school system that show off more skin than most teenagers. There should be a dress code for the staff and it should be enforced! Should they be wearing leggings that show off their curves that might distract some hormonal boy? My next thought is look at the uniforms these kids wear for sports they are awful revealing maybe we should redesign them.

  • Meadow

    Our school’s policy is that the girls tunic/top/dress must be finger top long or longer in order to wear leggings. The are considered to be like panty hose or tights. I think that’s a pretty fair rule especially since the style is to wear the leggings with a tunic. The girls I’ve seen wearing them as “pants” clearly are doing so for the attention IMOP. The only acceptable place for that ” look” – tight leggings without a top to cover you down south- is in the gym or on runners — not at high school.

  • Gillianne Rountree

    I see no issue in banning leggings. Put some shorts or a skirt over top of them. Then they can be considered as tights.

    When I was in school we couldn’t wear bandannas to hold our hair back, Mudd jeans, scrunchy hair ties, shirts/sweatshirts tied around our waist, hooded sweatshirts, or even slap bracelets. Everything that is implemented is essentially for the “safety of the children,” no matter how stupid it may seem at the time. Save the fashion for the streets, not the classroom. That’s why a lot of public schools have started implementing uniforms, just so there’s no issue about *what* they’re wearing. The parents of these kids and the students themselves should just be glad that they still don’t have to do that, and hush up.

    “We’re not trying to be out there trying to be sexy or we’re trying to get boys attention we’re just wearing them so we can be comfortable.”


    Wear some sweatpants for pete’s sake. They’re far less constricting and waaaaaaaay more comfortable.

  • Diana

    Even if they were “pants”, they do not look right. They show too much. I do not wear them myself, but I’m pretty sure some sweatpants or some fleece would look much better and be just as comfy.

  • Sue

    Rules are rules so dress according to what the school requirements specify. Leggings are comfortable but they are not for to wear unless under other clothes. I do not think girls realize how revealing and inappropriate they are because they are stylist. This is a school and kids need to learn just like at a work environment they can send out the wrong signals. Other people especially men are looking at them at malls or walking homes or in their neighborhoods. Short dresses and skirts used to be what I grew up with and hot pants. I never realized just how it looked to other people because everyone my age were wearing them. These days kids have to be so much more aware because of the dangers around. Good for the school they are correct!

  • blue

    I agree with the school and this should be the norm. How about expanding this, did you watch the Today show 2/13/2014 when they had the young lady Olympians on. As a representative of the US should they have been allowed to where the same? US is about Freedoms but isn’t it also about pride?

    • Sue

      That’s funny! I haven’t seen them on men. However if it is in schools with a dress. code I am guessing they would be banned also. There has to be a line drawn somewhere or kids would think it is ok to wear just about anything. At home it is up to the parents. At scools it is up to the ones who make the rules. By the way whenever something bad happens to any female what is the big question that is asked? What was she wearing? I never agreed with that because that should not be a reason- but it has always been that way. “She. asked for it” defense. As for men wearing them? Still think that is funny!

  • Civa

    GOD you people are idiots! None of the leggings that are normally worn are see through! Form fitting is NOT see through! And wait til you get to the real world? Leggings are accepted in at least 90% of the working world! The only issue here is that the majority of the faculty and principle of that school are sick! It’s them who can’t take it! The men are getting too distracted (horny) and the women are jealous as hell! This is an absolute fact! That is always the case when it comes to these things!

  • Lexi

    I feel that banning leggings at school is very inappropriate. I am in college now but I wore leggings all through junior high school and high school. Did I wear them with shirts and tops that did not cover my backside? Yes, I sure did. Did I do it for attention? No, I did not. Most females look to leggings as apparel that are very comfortable, extremely versatile, and fashionable, not as a way to flaunt themselves to the males in their classes/ school. Yes, some girls do wear leggings in a way to find attention, but not every girl does. Not every girl wants to wear leggings so that they can have sex in the middle of a parking lot. Some have claimed that they are ” too tight” or ” too fitting”. Jeans, shorts, and most skirts are very tight also and you don’t see those being banned. What is a female supposed to wear if everything in her closet is banned because every one is blowing things way out of proportion and stereotyping?

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