Proposed Bill To Directly Impact Marshall County

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MARSHALL CO., Ala. (WHNT) -- State Representative Wes Long is working to push a bill that would directly affect Marshall County through the legislature.

The bill is a local version of a state-wide bill. "The state bill set up a Tennessee River Region aquatic weed board," Representative Long says.

Long's proposed bill would designate a local board in Marshall County to oversee the Guntersville reservoir. Marshall County Commission Chair James Hutcheson says the county is on board with it. "What this bill would do is it will allow the county to receive federal funds or grants to help control the weeds in the Guntersville reservoir," Hutcheson says.

Hutcheson says the plan isn't to eradicate the weeds altogether, but merely control them in a balance. The grants and funds from the state would be facilitated through a designated board.  Hutcheson says that board would include a sampling of a wide variety of people involved in the reservoir's uses, such as fishing and boating.

Hutcheson says having different representatives is important for input in creating a balance for the aquatic weeds. "On this board there will be people from the Marshall County Commission, the mayor, the bass fisherman will be on it. So what we're looking for is a way to have a balance control of the weeds in the reservoir," Hutcheson says.

Hutcheson says in the past the aquatic weeds in the reservoir were controlled by the TVA, and says there was a balance that was agreeable to those people who used the reservoir in different manners.

Hutcheson says they would like to get back to that balance.

Last session the bill had issues passing. "The local bills got challenged on another issue and they held up the local bills the whole session," Representative Long says.

Representative Long says this session he's confident the bill will pass.

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  • Walt

    these outside people don’t like weed control.I live here and use lake lot.The WEEDS are out of control here.My boat motor water intake get clogged a lot….Have to stop before my motor burns up and clean the intake….Are these outsiders who don’t want ANY weed control PAY FOR MY MOTOR for THE LACK OF WEED CONTROL????The leadership here in Guntersville needs to step up and control the WEEDs and NOT give into these outsides JUST for the dollars they bring in….Its all about the Money and I am sure the leaders here are Not going to pay for the Local peoples problems. and ,boat problems that these weeds causes.Its also a big safety problem.Again, it all about money.If the town needs money stop buying Ak 47 and bullet vest for county commissioner Lake Guntersville was a nice lake to fish because of the MAINTENANCE WE TOOK on the lake..Its now a safety problem.ask the people who owns homes here.They are tax payers and voters to..Let these outsiders go to MS..We need to takecare of our Problems on this lake

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