Mentor Helps Students with Lunch

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HOUSTON, Texas (WHNT) – Stories are popping up around the nation of schools segregating some students who cannot pay their lunch tab. One man in Texas takes the initiative to help students who are having money problems get a decent meal at school.

We reported this story of a school in Utah that took students’ lunches and threw them away when they could not pay – . Kenny Thompson heard the same story and decided to look into the situation. He saw the same kind of situation happening at Valley Oaks Elementary School where he is a mentor and tutor in Houston, Texas. He felt for the children that got lunches that were not as good as other children’s.

kenny thompson

So he decided to help.

Thompson reached in his own pocket to help pay for the children’s lunches. He gave the school $465 to put toward 60 children’s lunch tabs. The money settled their debt.


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  • Billie Sammons

    I think its sorry for our gov to not want to feed our kids but yet want us to send money and food to feed other countries. Excuse me but Hell no its wrong. We should take care of our family first. God Bless you Mr Thompson for your contribution

  • Gena

    This was a wonderful act of kindness. But the school system is always asking for money from the parents and it starts from the first day of school. They are always wanting the kids to sale some to help raise money for the school.

  • Gary Taber

    Nice of the Gentleman to help out…..However, it is the responsibility of the PARENT(s) to either provide a sack lunch or lunch money for their kids. I’ll bet most of those kids have $100 sneakers or boots and $250 smart phones….but NO $ for school lunch!!!

  • Marie Leath

    I think it’s awesome that man stepped up… The only decent meal some kids get is at school.. I don’t see how you could just throw food in the trash instead of give it to a child…

  • Tracy

    I would like someone to explain to me why our government is so concerned about kids in other countries while children in our country are going without. Some kids in other countries have more than kids in this country and it seems to me that our government would rather help other countries “for show” than give to the children here doing without because it wouldn’t be “news worthy” I was always taught “Charity starts at home”

  • Ms.Childers

    Children have enough to go through at school, If it’s required by our government, I think it would be nice since WE the parents all have to pay school taxes, that ALL school lunches should be provided FREE to all kids, our children nor us would have the aggravation of money each day,or week. We pay the school tax, why can’t it provide OUR kids meals out of OUR money? Let’s go Parents, let’s pugs for this! I agree, our government sends help to others, let OUR money go towards helping OUR own CHILDrEN first.

    • Gary Taber

      Ms.Childers; The “Government” at the Federal, State, and Local levels (Taxpayers) ARE paying for MOST of the costs of the School Lunch Programs! Parents/Students are to pay a small percentage of the actual cost.

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