‘Big Mouth Billy Bass’ Scares Burglar Away

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ROCHESTER, Minn. — Remember “Big Mouth Billy Bass” the singing fish?  You might have one at home.  Billy did just as good a job as an alarm system for a Minnesota business earlier this week.

Tom Allen has the singing bass near the door of the Hooked on Fish bait shop. The bass starts singing when its motion detector activates.

When Allen went to work on Monday morning, he found his front door had been kicked in. However, nothing had been taken from the store.

Tom believes the singing bass went off just like it was supposed to, and scared off the burglar.


  • Rebecca DeArmond

    Now that the buglers know about Big Mouth Billy, they’ll probably come back and take everything….including BMB. Hope Mr. Allen put in a real alarm!

  • Terri

    I think ANY distraction to a burglar is great! It doesn’t take much to scare a burglar. Less that this have scared burglars…there are too many easy targets out there for a burglar to take a chance on ANY random sound! Who’s to say Billy Bass wasn’t just the FIRST trap to pass?

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