Huntsville City School Board Approves Rezoning Plan; Dept. Of Justice Opposes

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HUNTSVILLE, Ala. (WHNT) - The Huntsville City Board of Education approved the proposed rezoning plan for the Huntsville City School districts. The NAACP did not oppose the rezoning plan, but the Department of Justice did.

Huntsville City Schools will file a motion in District Court Friday asking for approval of the proposed rezoning.

Superintendent Casey Wardynski presented the proposal last month in an effort to increase diversity. The plan calls for the closure of some old schools and the building of several new ones. It's part of the district's effort to get out from under a 1963 desegregation order.

"We think our plan is, the key word here is 'practical,' meaning, we can do it, we can sustain it, and it'll achieve the desired outcomes," said Wardynski, after Thursday's meeting.

Wardynski touted the district's proposed feeder pattern, that would simplify the current pattern by having elementary schools feed into one middle school and, in most cases, one high school, so students graduate with the same students they started first grade with.

See the proposed zoning lines on this interactive map.

Several parents attended Thursday evenings School Board meeting and say they appreciate the work the school district has done to try to simply the feeder programs.

"I like simplicity and after seeing the DOJ's plan and the school districts, it's clear the district plan will be easier for parents and the kids,"  Elizabeth Fleming told WHNT News 19 Thursday.

"As we transition, what I'm asking everybody is to... come on, we've got 18 months.. come on board.. if you've got some concerns, have some solutions and let's see if we can make those happen and let's really make this a positive experience and we have 18 months to make it happen," said Board President David Blair.

Board members say the district's plan includes more than just rezoning. It also includes policies concerning academics and discipline, among other things.

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  • Wake Up

    Great, now we are going to spend millions of dollars fighting another unwinnable court battle! This state spends so much money on such tilting at windmills!

  • Chuckie39

    Guess we will have to wait until Obama’s DOJ is gone, then try again. They will never approve anything we want to do regardless of how much sense it might make.

    • Ebony

      What does Obama have to do with this. Shuffling kids around to make your numbers better is the issue. Or the fact that children are having longer bus rides from home, making their days longer, attending schools farther away from their homes.

  • Nuclear Mike

    A Red State, a real Blue President and AG Holder…did we expect any other different decision from the DoJ?

    • Bob

      I mean c’mon? Why can’t we put all the white kids over there and all the black kids somewhere else?
      We’ll just send them Asian kids back to North Korea with their spy parents.

    • Yolanda McLain

      Glorious 1950’s? You’ve been watching too many episodes of Happy Days. Chauvinism, racism, rampant pollution, etc.

    • Bill

      wakeup ( james) is starting to use other posters names ,to try and justify his and ann durhams, far left wing posting.

  • Tim

    I would just like to know how the school system went from $20 million in the hole to being able to build new schools in two years. Wardynski must be one heck of an accountant or a magician to make debt like that disappear. Maybe he should run for President.

  • TiredOfTheSecrecy

    When is HCS going to let the public see the rezoning maps proposed by the DOJ? The feeder school pattern chart you built is only a small part of the information. No one really knows how the DOJ plan will affect them until you let the public see the maps or detail data. The DOJ might be proposing zone line changes. Dr. W and HCS board, please let the public see ALL the information.

  • Skillpot

    Who says either plan is the best for the student? My earlier comment about removing the ‘appeasement’ problem just seemed to disappear? Gotta remove that problem created in 1965, which will take 50-plus years, then we can begin to move forward!

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