Search Underway for Man Accused of Stealing Handguns from Vehicle

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MADISON COUNTY, Ala. (WHNT) – One man is on the run after authorities say he stole three handguns from a vehicle parked at a Madison County home.

The man apparently walked up to a home on Valleyside Drive just before 5:00 a.m. Tuesday.

The homeowner called police but the man was gone before authorities arrived.

Investigators have set up a perimeter in the Moores Mill community which now extends to Meridian Street north of Winchester Road.

Investigators say this started just before 2:30 a.m. on Lawson Wall Drive, just north of University Drive.

Authorities say a homeowner woke up to find a man stealing two nine-millimeter handguns as well as a 45-caliber handgun from his car.

The homeowner followed the man until sheriff’s deputies began pursuit.

Deputies followed him to Moores Mill and Countess Roads.

Authorities say the man then got out of the car and started to run.

Deputies called Huntsville police, a K-9 unit and a SWAT team for reinforcements.

Investigators are also using night-vision equipment to help in their search.


  • Wake Up

    Leaving three (or any number of) guns in a vehicle at night is the definition of irresponsibility!! They need to give an IQ test to people before they can buy something as lethal as guns!! This is how many criminals get their guns — from irresponsible “legal” gun owners!!

  • Road2005

    Wake up, you are 100% correct. Why would someone leave the weapons in a vehicle? The story doesn’t say if the weapons were hidden or in plain view. If they were hidden it would lead me to believe the thief knows the gun owner, how else would he know where the weapons were. If in plain sight then the gun owner will not pass an IQ test, even if given the answers.

    • Wake Up

      It is not any better to “hide” them in a vehicle overnight. Many times people will just break in to see what they can find.

  • Sparked

    It wouldn’t matter whether they were in the open or hidden.
    Everytime something like this happens, you have Wakeups
    that believe it is the owners fault for his car getting broken into.
    If the owner had of pulled out another one and just shot him which should
    have happened then you would have said how cruel that was cause the
    thief didn’t know better.
    Even if it’s unlocked that is beside the point. Wake up

    • Wake Up

      You can support irresponsible behavior all you want. When a person makes it that easy for a criminal to get their gun they are purely irresponsible (and they should be held accountable for their irresponsibility).

      Also, I know that you are just being the provocative internet troll that you are. As an internet troll you do not have any serious points, but you do give me plenty of opportunities to give my serious points.

      • Sparked

        So if I would just agree that this wouldn’t have happened if he hadn’t
        left them in his car on his own property I wouldn’t be a troll. What would
        have been any different if he had of broke into the man’s house and stolen
        them. No matter what, where, when and how he or these government bottom feeder, entitlement scums did it, they are thief’s plain and simple.

  • JEdwards

    First off the only comment in this link that has any relevance is the one that says the guy should have shot the thief. What gives the LOOSER the right to take something another man or woman has worked their ass off for? Now, if you dont have the facts and or know the whole story keep your biased oppinions to yourself. Not everyone is as perfect as the rest of you. Carma is a !@#$% so when it happens to you will know exactly why, the crap you posted about someone that you dont know nor do you know the whole story.

  • Bill

    Let’s blame both. The owner for being dumb enough to leave the guns in his/her vehicle, and the thief for stealing them.

    • Sparked

      How about we just blame the thief. He could easily broke into
      the house and stole them. That was the owners car and property
      he shouldn’t have to empty his car every evening he gets home.
      Kinda like saying to a girl that is sexually assaulted because
      she had on a short skirt. With you people it is never just one
      persons fault, someone else made them do it. My preference
      would have been for the owner to have had another gun in
      the house and came out and shot him and saved us from
      another scumbag.

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