New Details: Children’s Minister Facing Sex Abuse Charges, Multiple Victims Confirmed

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MUSCLE SHOALS, Ala. (WHNT) - Muscle Shoals Police have released new details in the investigation of a children's minister accused of multiple sexual abuse crimes.

Late Tuesday afternoon, Jeffery Dale Eddie, Highland Park Baptist Church children's minister, was arrested and charged with two counts of child pornography, 31 counts of second-degree sodomy and three counts of sexual abuse of a child under the age of 12.

Jeff Eddie (Photo: Muscle Shoals Police Dept.)

Jeff Eddie (Photo: Muscle Shoals Police Dept.)

Court documents, released Wednesday morning, state that while being questioned on Sunday afternoon, Eddie "confessed to performing oral sex and other acts on several of the minor members of his church, numerous times."

On Monday, investigators spoke with a minor and his family about acts Eddie told police he performed on the child over a three-year period. Documents indicate these incidents happened between the summer of 2010 and this past fall at the church.

During Wednesday morning's news conference at the Muscle Shoals Police Department, Chief Robert Evans told WHNT News 19 the whole investigation started on Saturday after a parent contacted police and church officials about possible inappropriate behavior between Eddie and a child at church.

After finding child pornography on Eddie's computer at the church, Evans said the investigation ballooned to include the sexual abuse charges that have now been handed down.

Investigators are still interviewing possible victims in this case. Evans confirmed there are multiple victims and is asking the public for prayers for those involved.

Eddie is being held in the Colbert County Jail on a $1,030,000 bond. His preliminary hearing is set for Feb 18 at the Colbert County Courthouse.

As of Monday, Eddie was listed as a children's minister on the Highland Park Baptist Church website.  His picture and information have since been removed from the site.

Church's Response

The church posted this statement on its website Wednesday, saying Eddie is no longer affiliated with the church.  Highland Park Baptist's Lead Pastor, Brett Pitman, also came to the police department's news conference on Wednesday morning and read the statement aloud.  It says:

"As a church, we are outraged, shocked and deeply saddened by the events that have unfolded over the last few days. First and foremost, we are striving to assist any children and families that have been affected by these events. The health and well being of these children is our number one priority at this time. For years, Highland Park Baptist Church has invested in the Shoals community and we are committed to helping our entire community cope with this situation. Anyone with any information about this case should immediately contact the Muscle Shoals Police Department. Any children or families in search of counseling may contact our church office for assistance. In closing, we want to personally thank every person that has come forward. They are heroes and should be treated as such."

Highland Park Baptist Church has canceled all Wednesday night activities, classes, and rehearsals.

The number for the Muscle Shoals Police Department is (256) 383-6746.


  • nonyobusiness

    I saw this guy at a local ice cream parlor with 5 young girls from the church and I wondered why the church would allow this. I always had my doubts about him.

  • Neb

    When I was younger I used to go with friends to after school bible study that this guy ran. I went to my own church so I never really got close to their congregation. All the kids seemed to like bro Jeff but I always thought he was a weird old dude. He would never really talk too much about Christ, and me and my buddies were always seeming to annoy him. I always thought something was weird about him so I kept my distance. I never thought he was like this though. Effin wackjob got what he deserved. There’s a special place in hell for people like this.

      • Betyo

        Not only charged.this piece of trash
        Has admitted to commitng such horrible
        Acts. “Wow” is all I can come up with
        Too. Well put “unknown”

      • outspokenjerk

        Betyo, can you link us to the reference of where he admitted this stuff? Nothing I have seen has eluded to that. I am not saying he hasn’t but I want to read it.

    • Chester Hunter

      He admitted to it! You’re an idiot. Judge not…..that is a load of crap that serves only to defend the indefensible. He’s a pedophile child molester. Period.

  • Disgusted Citizen

    This makes me sick! Abuse of that kind of a position SMH…if it were one of my kids he wouldn’t have survived to be arrested. Sorry, but there has to be probable cause for an arrest….that’s facts not judging.

  • martha

    Parents need to keep a close eye on their children and drop in at unexpected times. This goes on at churches, schools, in the home every where. Coaches would have a great opportunity to abuse young girls. No place is safe. We should bring our children up in a way in which they feel free to talk to us as parents. Always listen to your children!!!!! We have a lot of sick minded people in this world-They’re every where in every place.

  • Unknown

    People like this should be publicly executed!!!! This could have happened to anyone’s child where parents feel there kids are safest!!!

  • dave jackson

    What kind of grown man would want to work with children anyway. WAKE UP CHURCH. Its not natural for a man to want to be with children as a fulltime job, other than his own. This is a womans job. Churches should know this.

    • DuckieDeb

      Dave Jackson, your ignorance is surpassed only by the repugnance of this pedophile. Do you think there should be no male teachers, athletic coaches, Boy Scout leaders, or Sunday school teachers? You insult all men who are called to these occupations or volunteer their time to youth and do so honorably.

      • dave

        Like I said. No man is truly a “man” if he likes working with children. Thats not natural its womanly and he must either be full of estrogen or a molestor. Very very abnormal for a grown man to want to work with children. Only a man would understand this

    • duck

      a womans job? I guess you base that on all the female teachers that have been arrested the last couple of years.

    • JO

      I would guess by your comments that you either do not have children or totally ignore them if you do. Obviously your father did. That would be called a sperm donor my friend. Did your mother teach you how to hunt, fish or better yet explain your anatomy to you when you hit puberty?? There are many single fathers out there that don’t get the credit they deserve for spending time with their children. THOSE ARE REAL MEN!

      • dave

        Are you illiterate or can you just not comprehend the english language? I said men that have a full time caring for children are not normal. And they ARE NOT NORMAL by any means. I have kids and spend alot of time with them but they are my kids not somebody elses.

      • michelle

        really Dave?
        I know many MEN who work with kids everyday.
        Teachers ( I know many great male teachers)
        Youth Ministers (almost all youth ministers are men)
        You are crazy to think these are positions just for women.
        All of these teachers and youth ministers I know are amazing, caring, and genuine people. of course there was a bad one in there, but that does not mean they are all like this guy.
        Just because this one guy did this does not mean all youth ministers that are men want to perform these cruel acts on children.
        I am sure you are one of those sexist men who think certain jobs are for men and certain for women.

    • Wrigley

      Dave, I’ll tell Nick Saban you said he wasn’t much of a man. He’d rather work with young people than grown professional athletes. If not for men willing to work with kids, we wouldn’t develop kids in sports and academics of all kinds. You’re an idiot. You’re just embarrassing yourself.

      • dave

        Like I said. No man is truly a “man” if he likes working with children. Thats not natural its womanly and he must either be full of estrogen or a molestor. Very very abnormal for a grown man to want to work with children. Only a man would understand this

    • irayoungman

      That’s about a silly comment. There are a lot of MEN that love being around children who are not their own. Where did you come up with this stuff? You may need retract that statement.

  • Ace

    and to Juan i hate it when people mis use that scripture “judge not”.. as Christians we are permitted to judge right from wrong…. Thats what bible is a guideline to go by to know right from wrong… that scripture means we are not to judge if they are going to Hell. this guy did terribly wrong.

  • A mother

    Maybe someone should tell his wife to have his own children checked. And as far as the people on here saying judge not. Have you ever been MOLESTED??? How dare you! What about these innocent little children. They can try him, find him guiltily send him to prison for the rest of his SORRY days and that still won’t be enough. These children may never get over this. Until the laws become stiffer for this kind of horrendous crime then it will never end. Lethal injection is what he needs.

    • Larry

      The molester needs to be hung in the town square…
      Everyone knows we’ll put him/her away for a few years, provide him with
      Free medical, free boarding w/air conditioning/heat, food and clothing and
      then turn him loose, not to mention cost to the American taxpayer. The laws of this land are dispicable.

  • Betty Goins

    This is what happens when a church is reaching people for the Lord. Spreading the Gopel makes Satan mad. Satan is a “Roaring Lion” walking around devouring those he can. So beware.. God sent His Son Jesus to come to this earth and to give His life on the cross so that we might have eternal life. He also gave us free will. The safest place you can be is in the center of His will. Satan can and will destroy you can believe it or not you have the free will.

    • Michelle Campbell

      You are so right Betty. This is a man doing Satans work. We have to remember that their are wolves in sheeps clothing and sadly we have to teach our children this. Satan uses all, whether male or female. The main concernnow should be these sweet little innocent children that have been violated. We need to pray for reassurance and trust again for these sweet babies and their families.

  • Kathie Mault

    Just get him that public defender Steve Alderton he sends them all to prison even the innocent ones with that Judge Hatcher

  • Betyo

    What a disgrace to our community
    I hear he’s been placed on sucide
    Watch. This would be a prime time
    For someone to look the other way
    And allow this worthless waste of a
    Human being to arrange his own
    Meeting with his savior. I’m certain
    He’ll claim mental illness; ask Jesus
    To save him and all will be well. It’s beyond
    My realm of thinking that we as Christians allow
    These people to get so involved and close to
    These kids. It only takes one nut job. To ruin
    A child’s life. What a shame. I can just hear
    Him now oh little Johnny you need to get
    Saved let me tell ya how Jesus can save you my
    Son. Organized religion needs some rules.
    This church needs to be pad locked as a crime
    Scene until this investigation is completed.
    I think Jesus would understand. Ridiculous!
    Give the office a call there still there work as
    Usual. And you can rest assured Sunday
    They’ll be open for business as well. Saving
    10 year old souls as if they understand and collecting for the new building
    Fund. By the way he’s confessed to these
    Crimes as well. Admitting your a child molester
    Should warrant the death penalty and it should
    Be imposed imeiadatly. Here’s an idea maybe
    A new fund should be set up for some security
    Cameras there brother! Absurd.

      • Betyo

        Umm would you care to
        Elaborate? Your screen name
        Is outspoken jerk or is that
        Directed at me. If its directed
        Toward me I kinda like it. If
        Indeed you are the outspoken jerk
        You’re ignorance doesn’t seem to be
        Helping you articulate your point
        Very well. Let me guess I bet you put
        Bro Jeff on your prayer board this morning
        Didn’t you. Jesus will fix it its ok

      • outspokenjerk

        Yes, Betyo, I will elaborate.

        First, the little blue name next to the avatar(picture box) is MY name.
        Yours is Betyo.

        Second, “you’re” is a contraction of “you are”, so to say “You’re ignorance doesn’t…” only further solidifies yours.

        Third, I am not defending this guy at all. He is a guilty monster and should be dealt with. NO child should ever have to endure what he has done to them. I am angry about it.

        Fourth, judging from you saying “…we as Christians…”, I take it you are professing to be one. Therefore, why shouldn’t you pray for this man? Does God exempt you from praying for certain people? I’m interested in you educating me on this.

        Fifth, in your original post you also are speaking negatively toward the church and it’s staff and rambling about “Saving 10 year old souls as if they understand”. Being a Christian, you should have read about child-like faith and the whole whosoever part of John 3:16 but that’s another discussion. Shouldn’t your beef be with this monster instead of the church and it’s people. You say what you said like EVERYONE had a part in it. You might should understand that some people are really good at hiding who they really are.

        Finally, “Organized religion needs some rules”. This is the apex of your ignorance. You are a Christian so I am sure you are aware that organized religion with rules is what got Jesus crucified. Should there be more stringent hiring practices? Maybe. But what if someone is a stand up person when they get hired and then fall to temptation later? But being a Christian I am sure you have thought of that.

        Have a good day.

  • Sue

    Child molestors. love to work where there are lots of kids. Church is not only that but people trust the pastor and anyone associated with the church. This man is a sick man and should be disposed of like any GARBAGE! There is no cure for a pervert who wants kids!! They will always be dangerous to kids! Just let him be in a cell and accidentally be hanged! Even that is too easy for him! Totally DISGUSTING!!!!

  • Carl

    I havn’t been to highland in a very long time. When I was in VBS there Brother Jeff was the man who I asked to help me show the congregation for baptism. everyone sins. I’m sorry for the kids, I know everyone is angry about the kids lives that he ruined ,but this man both times my house burned downed offered me and my family anything I needed. When everyone else in the church didn’t say anything. I wish, hope, and pray the best for you Jeff. Your in Gods hands now.

    • Betyo

      Really Carl seriously? Your attempting to
      Find the good in all this. He helped you when
      Your house burned ah? Offered to take
      You and your kids in did he. Have you spoke
      With your kids to see how close he was to them
      Maybe you should. Or does Jesus have
      That covered for ya? It’s only a matter of
      Time before every. Christian in town
      Is going to be fixing this all with prayer
      Maybe we should all just pray and everything
      Will be ok. Ahhh doesn’t that feel better thank
      You Jesus. Sorry about the sodomy little Johnny
      Your gonna have to get over it. Come on
      Carl really? I wonder if Bro. Jeff is on
      The prayer board this morning someone
      Call Bro Brett he seems to be on Top
      Goings on around the lords house. Bro Jeff needs
      To be on That prayer board. There needs
      To be a public assembly put together with
      Signs in front of this crime scene first thing
      Sunday morning demanding it be locked up
      Until investigation is complete.

  • LilRic

    It baffles me. So where is “God” in all this? Just kicked back watchin’ the show. It seems to me if one is truelly in contact with the tri-une god head that created the universe; who is not only omnicient, but omnipotent as well. Then it seems to me, god or one of his angels, at least would have said something before now.
    I know…. I know his ways are not our own….or it’s all going to god’s plan…. The devil made him do it….the devil tricked him…we must not question god’s authority… blah blah blah.
    Fact of the matter is the staff at this church was too incompetent to realize that a main pastor/teacher/leader was sodomizing several children in the church. Unfortunately this happens alot in both religous and non religous societies.
    Another nail in the religous coffin. I was a christian for many years and am proud to say I am passed the worsed of it, but still recovering from many years of child indoctrination, twisted “love” of and from the church as well cristian tri-une deity.
    My advise to the christian community? Keep going to church and living a true christian life. Eventually you’ll see the light alright. I just hope the wreckage isn’t irreversable by the time yall get it.
    I hope this reaches my christian brothers and sisters still suffering at the hands of those far more messed up than we are.

    Peace and Love to All
    Sincerely Lil Ric

    • Outspokenjerk

      First off, LilRic, I’ve heard people ask this question for decades. Where was God during all of these atrocities and tragedies? Well, he is where he has always been. If God were to swoop in and stop every bad thing that goes on, there would be no such thing as free will. That would mean he would have to control the good things, as well. It goes back to Genesis. Adam and Eve had a choice. They had free will. They screwed up. God is not a puppet master. We are given the freedom by God, to make choices, good and bad. But I’m sure if God did control us all against our will, you’d bitch about that, too. I’m not a betting man but I wouldn’t be surprised if you were pro-choice!

      Lastly, let me give you some advice, or “advise” as you put it. Learn how to spell if you want people to take your rants seriously.

      • LilRic

        Well what’s the advice? My apologies for not only mispelling advice I never intended for it to come across as a rant. I am Know Riter that’s for sure. I reckon I ain’t know good at punktiation neithers.
        Why would any of you take me seriously? I don’t. I’m glad jesus has done something for you. It’s obvious you feel strongly about it, but I wonder if it has brought you the peace beyond all understanding that the bible claims.
        Like I said earlier, you christians keep going to church. You’ll get it ……eventually.

      • Outspokenjerk

        I want to apologize to you for this post. I typed it and sent it when I was not in the best frame of mind. I couldn’t delete it so here it is. I went back and re-wrote it when I had more clarity of mind and did a repost. This apology is not very “outspokenjerk” of me but I feel I should apologize.

    • outspokenjerk

      It’s kind of funny that you debated yourself in your post because you know the truth.

      “Where was “God” in all this?”. For decades I have heard people ask this question when bad things happen. God is where he has always been. The one thing that most people, who ask this question, don’t stop to think about is, FREE WILL. Man was given free will from the moment he was created. God gave man free will to make our own choices, good and bad, and sometimes those choices are bad, real bad. Such as the case of this idiot. Go back to Genesis and you will see the first example of free will and someone choosing to go against what God had said not to do.
      Take a look at the ten commandments, you ever broke any of those? That is a rhetorical question, by the way. We all have. So, where was God when we were about to steal or lie or break a commandment? Gluttony is one of the seven deadly sins so where was God this past Thanksgiving? My point is we have free will to make these choices and if God were to swoop down and control all of the bad things from happening then he would also have to control other aspects of our lives and then we would just be a bunch of puppets. That’s not how God intended creation to be.
      This monster will be dealt with according to the law of the land and he will be dealt with according to God’s law. I hope he is punished to the fullest extent of the law upon the verdict of his guilt.

      Have a good day.

      • LilRic

        It’s obvious that you believe that the bible is truth. Yes I debate myself alot. The statement where is god in all of this was an attention grabber and may have not been the right way of going about starting the paragraph.
        I don’t subscribe to circular logic. Therefore I can’t use the bible as a truth.(the bible is god’s word because it says it is) I can only go by what little I know about life on it’s own terms.
        If you like we can use it as a platform for a debate, but I wouldn’t know how to go about expressing myself fully without citing other sources. Genesis is a very strange book as the wording is very strange coupled with an infinite number of versions and interpretations. Even if you just go with the the old KJV. There insinuation of several god’s talking among themselves about a tree that adam shouldn’t eat from insinuating his death upon eating. Eve being pulled from his rib.etc
        I just don’t buy it.

      • outspokenjerk

        I have no issue with your personal beliefs. I respect your beliefs. But what I did take issue with is how you criticized the church and it opening its doors after the fact. If the authorities saw fit to close the church for an investigation, I am sure it would happen. If anything, the church needs to be open to reach out to those who are hurting and to those who have questions. To close down would be the opposite of what needs to be done.

      • LilRic

        No sweat outspoken. No need for apologies. We have different experiences and views. No love lost here. way I see it we’re all brothers and sisters living the human experience. The world is a strange magical place. I don’t have it figured the way christian dogma and freely express that. I know it bugs alot of people, but i can’t help that I don’t see jesus as being a god. I don’t even deny the existance of jesus. I don’t know I wasn’t there…..I don’t think. All I have to go on is my experience and hope.
        The world holds alot more mystery for me than it does you, at least I think it does. I’m probably wrong about that as well. I’m wrong alot more than I am right, my wife will back me up on that one.
        Maybe lighten up on yourself a little and not consider yourself a jerk. “What’s in a name?” as the old saying goes. Keep doing the christian if it makes you happy. It didn’t work for me, so I’ll not say that it did. I gave up and am closer to being happy now than I ever have.
        Yes, my spelling is off, but I’m not a windows or mac user so I don’t have the little lines to tell me when my spelling is off, and occasionally mispell a word er sex.

    • irayoungman

      Where were you at in all of this LilRic? You atheists believe that you are gods why didn’t you do something about this? You atheists trash the only true God and worship yourselves until something bad happens and then you start talking about God again. i think you’re confused one moment you deny God the next you are acknowledging Him by trashing Him for something He did or didn’t do. I believe you know there is a God but you just can’t bring yourself to live like He tells you to live.

      • LiLRic

        I am not an atheist. I simply don’t believe jesus is who you say he is. If you’ll read my posts then you’ll get an idea of where I am. I do not believe the bible is the word of god. I do however believe we got our start some how. I have no religion or creed. I only have my life’s experience. I’m not a very good person. I lack alot of the integrity that I’m sure you have. I don’t have a good job. My wife is a better person than I am. I’ve learned more from my kids in one hour then I’ll ever be able to teach them.
        Hey if jesus wants to have a conversation I’m all ears, but in my 37 years he’s not spoken to me. I’ve simply given up on all of it. I’m sure most of the christian community is better than I am. They behave better than I do. I don’t have much love for my fellow man although I do wish love and peace on the world, even myself.
        I have even left my email address for those of you who like to truelly discuss this instead saying some of this on this page, but hey I’m an open book. I don’t have anything figured out. I’m a mess of a person. I just don’t have the spirtuality that some of yall do.
        Why should I say I believe something when I don’t? So you don’t get offended? I btw am no god nor would I wish that upon any man.

  • Ellie Mae allen

    He was asked too talk too the middle school in muscle shoals,ala. My son went their until last year, anyway my son said he did not feel wright around this man. Who know’s how long he has been doing this or how many kid’s lives he has detroyed. This makes me sick too my stomach. If he done something like this too my child, I would be the last face he would see as I’m taking his life…. Or when he gets too prison have big bubba too be his cell mate. And let big bubba take care of him every night, just like he done those kids. Everybody said don’t judge unless he is too be judge. I’m not judging, I’m telling you how I feel. If you think it’s judging oh well, I don’t care. Everybody needs too start thinking about the kids he has hurt instead of caring how a freaking pervert feels.

  • gypsy

    To Carl: How can you defend this guy because he helped you with your house when it burned. Do you not know these predators are wolves in sheeps clothing. I hope if yoi have children they were NEVER alone with this monster. You can always replace your belongings but NOT what these predators take from their victims. Your compassion ismisdirected and your ignorance alarming!

    • dave

      Carl probably wanted the guy to molest his kids in front of him, or he couldnt defend him. he probably invited carl over hoping that carl would bring his kids

      • Carl

        Carl is 19..what part of VBS did you not read? I went there when I was younger. I was never treated wrong. just saying. not defending him, just saying that he was still a stand up guy in your so called wolf in sheep clothing. If you were not a member at that church what imput do you have? “Why do you look at the speck of sawdust in your brother’s eye and pay no attention to the plank in your own eye?” its like politics if you didn’t vote you don’t have the right to complain about the president.

  • Neb

    i used to go to after school bible study on fridays with friends who went to his church. we were in probably 8th grade or something like that. all the kids that went to his church who he taught seemed to really like the guy. i always kept my distance, and never really got involved. there was always something strange about him. i never would have guessed this though. still cant say that it absolutely blows me away though. now that i think about it, this guy is a stereotypical child molester. and its ridiculous. and its very scary thinking that i was a child around this dude. luckily he never “preyed” on me or whatever they call it. and i really honestly feel for the kids he did prey on. God bless you all. and like i said earlier, the judging is to be done by the judge now. so all you saying dont judge, well just leave it up to the judge to see how “innocent” this guy is.

  • Fed Up taxpayer

    Better hope your judges and da ain’t as crooked as the ones over in Lauderdale County ! And you so called kind forgiving folks casting the first stone. How dare you ! Be a man and throw a brick !!

  • michelle

    This guy was my youth pastor for many years and I am in total shock, because it hits so close to home and how my parents trusted him just like many had.
    It is really sad because its people like him that give the good people a horrible name.
    I wonder how long it has really been going on?

    • LilRic

      Bet one thing. He won’t tell us. I hear he’s on suicide watch. Funny, he didn’t get suicidal tilI he was caught. No remorse.

  • faith

    Satan will try to use this to turn non chriatians away from Jesus. He has already won a victory with this evil man. Don’t let him convice you that all ministers are like this. There are leaders that obey Gods word and teach our children about the Lord. Every individual has control over their own actions. This is not Gods fault. This man made his own decicions. We all have free will. He will have to answer for this here on earth and also the ultimate judge which is our Father in heaven. I pray for these children and their families.

    • LilRic

      Faith have you ever studied the origins of the bible? Have you read the bible? Have you studied it? When I say study I mean get down to the original Greek and/or Aramaic In proper context? Symbolism? Agreed it’s not god’s fault. The monster did it. Let me ask you this. Can there be free will if one is predestined by the foundations of god himself? How much free will is there in knowing or believing that if one rejects god then that individual is doomed for an everlasting lake of fire and brimstone.
      I wish not to offend, but aren’t questions that should be brought up? I wouldn’t dream of asking you to answer them in this post, but if anyone is willing to discuss these matters my email is
      I hope this doesn’t come across argumentative, because I’m simply looking for the truth and am exhaustively researching christian fundamentalism for a while now.
      I am not an atheist. I just can’t accept that jesus or satan for that matter is who yall say they are. I am simply looking for the real deal. Anyone that like to discuss this with me is welcome to shoot me an e-mail. As long as we can keep it civil.
      I’m really sick of ppl belittling each other in the name of religion. I have no religous affiliation whatsoever anymore.

      May day be full of love, joy, and peace.

      Lil Ric

  • Gomez

    All you idiots need to shut up and let the courts deal with this defendant.!! NO ONE has been convicted of anything!!!!!!!!!! FYI: “wakeup” is a liberal “drone” who only says what Barry tells him/her to say. A mere puppet on obummas string. A TROLL as well.

  • Gary Taber

    Read the article…
    “Court documents, released Wednesday morning, state that while being questioned on Sunday afternoon, Eddie “confessed to performing oral sex and other acts on several of the minor members of his church, numerous times.”

    • outspokenjerk

      The information in this article about the confession was not published until after the press conference. The claim that the other poster made was around 9:30 this morning. And I even said that I was not disputing his claim but I did want to see his info source.

  • kristylove1111

    Pedophilia should be capital punishment. They always seem to be people you would least expect. It has become an epidemic. They can not be rehabilitated and should be put down. We have to protect our children

  • Deedeesew

    The devil seeks everyday to get into the lives of people that have a weakness. What he did is reprehensible. Instead of commenting and debating the bible why don’t you get on your knees and pray to God that nothing like this would ever happen to you or any of your loved ones. You need to be praying for his wife and his children. You need to pray that this never happens to anymore children. Everyone has a weakness of some kind. You could be addicted to acholol, drugs, dirty movies, and who knows what. Use your time wisely. You never know what tomorrow brings.

  • big G

    Court documents, released Wednesday morning, state that while being questioned on Sunday afternoon, Eddie “confessed to performing oral sex and other acts on several of the minor members of his church, numerous times.”
    On Monday, investigators spoke with a minor and his family about acts Eddie told police he performed on the child over a three year period. Documents indicate these incidents happened between the summer of 2010 and this past fall at the church.

  • wga

    does anyone know if his name is still listed as the “Chapalin” at the Tennessee Juvenille Detension Center??

  • Christian

    43 “You have heard that it was said, ‘You shall love your neighbor and hate your enemy.’ 44 But I say to you, Love your enemies and pray for those who persecute you, 45 so that you may be sons of your Father who is in heaven. For he makes his sun rise on the evil and on the good, and sends rain on the just and on the unjust. 46 For if you love those who love you, what reward do you have? Do not even the tax collectors do the same? 47 And if you greet only your brothers,[i] what more are you doing than others? Do not even the Gentiles do the same? 48 You therefore must be perfect, as your heavenly Father is perfect.

    Matthew 5:43-48

    Pray for your enemies and right now that man is my enemy. He doesn’t deserve to live, but neither do I.

    23 For all have sinned and fall short of the glory of God.

    Romans 3:23

    Praying for healing for the individuals involved and the men, women, and children affected by this terrible event.

  • michelle

    oral? really?
    how does a grown man even go about this?
    I am just blown away by this whole thing.
    I know many people who go here and i have heard several say there were times people walked in and something suspicious was going on, but they did not know anything was going on for sure.

  • sg

    Some might say this is racist but I say we find the tallest tree and make a public hanging. We need to stand up and make an example, free room and board or a lethal injection is not enough for what people like him have done.

  • michelle

    I agree this will just turn more and more people away from God and the church.
    Its really sick, but everyone needs to know that not all youth ministers or pastors are bad.
    There will always be these kind of people in the church and school systems.

  • BigMac91

    That’s a very sexist thing to say Dave. What about coaches, teachers, etc? Kids need to be around good people to influence them both male and female. I believe there should always be a second person around when counseling kids, like male gynecologist have to do with their patients. If nothing else install a camera in all rooms where children are so parents can watch on a app like some daycare facilities have. We need to take more precautions to protect our innocent children. This is so sad and disturbing! Prayers going up for the little ones involved.

    • dave

      You can ask any of my friend and family i am not sexist at. I put women on a pedestal as they can do any job as good as a man can. However, men were not genetically made to care for children in certain capacities and any man that wants to do that is either full of estrogen or a molestor. One of the two, theres no way around it.

  • Jeff

    Pray…yes…but also let the law do its job. There is no way with all this evidence against him, that he will ever be free again. what happens to him in Jail…thats between him and those around him. My prayers are for those kids. and I hope churches everywhere look very closely at anyone in the position that something like this can happen. I definately would take him off of suicide watch. If he were to choose to do something to keep these kids from having to walk into a court room. and at the same time save the country a lot of money…well let him decide.

  • dave

    i am not sexist at. I put women on a pedestal as they can do any job as good as a man can. However, men were not genetically made to care for children in certain capacities and any man that wants to do that is either full of estrogen or a molestor. One of the two, theres no way around it. No man should be left alone with any children other than his own, such as campouts or anything unless a female is supervising. Its ok for dads, but for men that enjoy working with kids a full time job -THIS JUST ISNT NORMAL. WAKE UP CHURCH

    • michelle

      Youth Ministers most of the time have another job as well.
      I know almost all the ones i know do this position for zero pay.
      they work a full time job other than taking out time to teach these children. Most of the time they are accompanied by their wives on all activities.
      I am just saying that i do not feel you have to be womanly to take on positions dealing with children.

  • Mom

    Chances are that this man was also abused as a young child. Sad as it is, the cycle only continues. Someone above said that he was odd in highschool as well. Well perhaps that was because at that time, and earlier, he was himself going through molestation and rape. Such a sad sad world we live in. If only someone payed closer attention and caught on to what he may have been going through back in his day, then possibly all these poor poor souls that he has so badly damaged could have been spared. This could be his reason….but NO EXCUSE. If everyone turned around and committed all if the sins that were at some point committed against them, society would no longer be organized or even exist. We MUST take responsibility for our own actions and reactions and stop laying blame on those who did the same to us. HE made the choices he made in carrying out actions to hurt these poor innocent children….HE DECIDED to harm!

    • concerned

      Mom…I am not sure if he was molested or raped when he was younger but I know his mother and his has two young sisters. They are wonderful people but I don’t know about his father…he must have been absent in his life…his sisters are both married and have children of their own and lead normal lives…but the absence of fathers in people’s lives make difference. I just hope he didn’t do anything to his own sons.

  • marie

    he needs to be prosecuted,
    he has destroyed these childrem for life. as all child molesters do. they should get life they cannot be rehabilitated….

  • Nuclear Mike

    Highland Park Baptist’s Lead Pastor, Brett Pitman, has to resign and face the responsibility he has in these criminal acts of a man that reports directly to him for his supervision…

    • Fed Up taxpayer

      This is 1000 % correct Mike ! Truth is he’ll probably convince them to just up their offerings during collections to 15% instead of 10% and all will be forgiven. Wake up congregations and look at how your leaders live. Are you living in poverty and the preacher is living like a fat cat ? Thump you bibles all you want, but it does no good if you do not read and understand the word. Makes me sick to my stomach to see some of these cats rolling around in their big cars and plush houses while the people trust them to do what is right struggle every single day. Preacher Man ! Where were you at while this was going on ? Hold him accountable too.

  • Concerned

    If the previous comment is true, I’m deeply saddened. Brett Pittman was once MY youth minister and never set anything less than a Godly example for myself as well as all my friends. We all have and continue to look to Brett as a role model and as someone who influenced us all as Christians. We love him dearly and are diligently praying for the church, and everyone affected.

  • Gordon

    Satin is always trying to find a way to get in a church especially one that is on fire for God. He will use anyone and anything he can. Satin knows our weakness he temped Jesus and was not successful .He temped Adam and Eve and was successful ,and he is still at work today,he was successful with this prayers is for the children, parents and church. Don’t fall prey to satin!

    • LilRic

      I had no idea satin was in the garden of eden. Good thing silk wasn’t available or they would’ve surely lifed!

    • LilRic

      I really tried to leave it be yall, but I’m week. WEEK weEk wEEK! Hope i didn’t hurt your feelings Gordon. I’m just bein silly.

  • jimmy

    A lot of you people say you know this guy and he was weird or strange why in the hell didn’t you say something to someone in charge ? SMH

  • auburnfan

    My wife and I visited that church once. Where we were told to leave our children so we could attend the service looked like a creepy dirty dungeon. Our kids would not let us out of their sight. We stayed maybe 10 minutes and left with two screaming kids. At the time I was kind of embarrassed, but looking back now, I am so glad they raised hell, besides they people there were not real friendly.

  • sickandtired

    No sickness here. Only evil. Pure evil. Many of you remember that not too many years ago, homosexuality was viewed as equally reprehensible as the evil acts this man perpetrated on these children! I still hold both of these on the same plane. If we fail to act in time, we will completely lose hold of society as God would have us live. We are on the same path today as was Sodom and Gomorrah. Watch out for fire and brimstone! No more water but the fire next time!

  • Sandra

    They need to put him in a room and let these parents of the children take care of him. I am sure they can take care of him with bare hands and No weapons.

  • concerned

    As for people who commit this heinous acts…I am not for capital punishment…it only ends their torture…let them suffer and torture them in ways that will hurt them for life…like castrate them or gouge their eyes out. Let them live with suffering while the ones that are affected suffer too.

  • Lin

    Every new case of child molestation and child rape that I see points to the direct destruction of society. Rape and molestation have been around since the beginning of time and we urge it along with everything that glamorizes and promotes sex. I despise sex and yes, it’s probably because I was molested as a child 40 years ago. Sex is the devil’s most effective weapon and the worst sin in my opinion. Ruins people, families, communities, society.

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