Congressman Mo Brooks Seeks To Curb Arsenal Gate Traffic

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It seems like the din of early morning traffic can catch an ear, even all the way up on The Hill.

A spokesperson for Congressman Mo Brooks (R-5th) details his quest for answers about recent traffic gridlock outside Redstone Arsenal.

Brooks sent a letter to big wigs in the army, expressed frustration to Redstone leadership, and established an effort with Huntsville’s mayor and Redstone’s  garrison commander to fix the problem.

As for the letter Brooks sent, he went to the top.

He actually sent it back on January 29, and it addresses Lieutenant General Michael Ferriter.

He serves as the commander of the U.S. Army Installation Management Command and Assistant Chief of Staff for Installation Management.  It’s a long way of saying he helps oversee garrisons like the Arsenal.

The letter itself says the congressman understands budget cuts led the Arsenal to cut gates, but the backup it creates hurts his constituents and poses traffic safety problems.

He asks for Ferriter to look into the gate closures.

He cc’s Garrison Commander Colonel Bill Marks at the bottom.

According to the spokesperson, the congressman “hopes to see the gate situation resolved and will continue to monitor the situation and do all that he can to resolve this.”

You can see his full letter here.


  • Skillpot

    Just how effective are the Guards manning the gates? Odds are that they are not very effective! I would say their presence has little or no deterrent on anyone wishing to do harm! Let’s try a better approach!

    Of course, we have to look at who caused the man made problem! I would venture to say that is is out of the hands of Lieutenant General Michael Ferriter, and surely out of the hands of the Garrison Commander! I say, look at the Obama Administration, for the answer!

  • Ian

    To Skillpot you jerk! If you feel that Guards are doing little to make you safe get another job! All Guards are Veterans of the U.S. Armed forces and half of them seen action In the Iraq and Afghanistan Wars. I figure they have more experience than you fighting terrorism and protecting government property. In my eyes they are all heroes. They have shown more Valor than you would ever have. They have been trained and aware of the threat that Redstone Face. So, you just shut up and be happy that you have a job, you ungrateful coward.

    • Skillpot

      Ian, whether it be a Combat Veteran, or a dodger of military service, makes no difference in the performance! Standing there just looking at credentials does not catch one who is hell-bent on entering the arsenal to do harm!

  • Bill

    Mo Brooks couldn’t direct a beaver to it’s dam. This man thinks he’s the best thing since sliced bread. He’s a jerk, and he treats his staff like crap!!!!!!!!!.

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