A Light in the Darkness: Volunteers Offer a Safe Place for Inner-City Kids

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HUNTSVILLE, Ala. (WHNT)-- We’re in our fifth week of the 2014 and Huntsville Police investigators are working their sixth homicide. 

The recent wave of violent crimes centered around inner-city neighborhoods leave many feeling hopeless, but for volunteers at the Huntsville Inner-City Learning Center, it makes the work they are doing even more important.

"These kids are at risk, and it takes our community to help raise them, give them the ability to achieve greatness,"  Huntsville Inner-City Learning Center founder Art Leslie says.

Leslie founded the outreach program seven years ago with the goal of providing at-risk children the opportunity to maximize their interpersonal skills and academic capabilities.

The Huntsville Inner-City Learning Center provides tutoring, mentoring, dinner and social services to the students and their families. On a first-come basis, transportation is provided to students living in the Public Housing Sector.

Kids play games at the Huntsville Inner-City Learning Center Tuesday afternoon. (WHNT)

Kids play games at the Huntsville Inner-City Learning Center Tuesday afternoon. (Matt Kroschel WHNT)

The programs of the learning center are geared to help at-risk students learn the skills they need to advance in school instead of dropping out. With the work of a dedicated staff and a very diverse group of volunteers, the learning center is attempting to break the cycle of poverty by helping to keep inner-city youth in school.

For more information about how you can be a part of this organization CLICK HERE


  • Skillpot

    Let’s face up to it, the Huntsville Inner-City Learning Center is a wonderful approach, but we have to change the reason the kids are there! The Federal Income Tax structure promotes wanted, and unwanted children to get the monies! Change that, and you will begin to see the number of children coming to the Huntsville Inner-City Learning Center!

    Let’s face up to it, once a woman has a child she cannot afford, or out of the irresponsible act of joy, then she must have medical changes to her body so she cannot have any more children!

    Let’s face up to it, well, enough said at this momement!

  • Skillpot

    It is good that they can come out of the ‘dark’ for awhile, but, not good that they have to go back into the dark, having experienced the ‘light’!

  • Pam Passero

    Perhaps they carry the “light” back to those dark places and others then see the light too. Just a thought. We can’t give up hope.

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