NEW INFORMATION: One Person Killed in Shooting on O’Fallon Road in Huntsville

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HUNTSVILLE, Ala. (WHNT) – Huntsville police confirm one person has been killed in a shooting on O’Fallon Road.

It happened just before 11 p.m.  Officers say Demarco Moore, 23, was dead when they arrived at the crime scene.

Witnesses tell police a man wearing a ski mask with skulls on it entered the home. That’s when he shot the victim with what witnesses believed to be a shotgun.

Investigators say the shooter left the area on foot. Police Canine units searched the area until they lost the scent about half a mile north of the home.

This marks Huntsville’s sixth homicide of 2014. Huntsville Police Chief Morris said in a press release that these six homicides are not random acts of violence. Instead, each of the victims in the five previous homicides knew their assailants.

If you have information that could assist the Huntsville Police in their investigation on the current case, please contact Sgt. Floyd Smith at 256-213-4514.


  • D C

    Ski-masks with skulls……….. Seems like the criminals rob, steal, murder at will these days in Huntsville area. How many does that make this year? H’ville might beat B’ham , Mont, and Mobile this year. What a sparkling gem on Huntsville PD’s crown of acheivement.

    • KB

      Unfortunately there are more worthless idiots who spend every waking moment robbing someone then there are officers on shift. Every police officer is not on shift at the same time. Sure, blame the police, but when your butt is in a sling and YOU need help, who do YOU call???

  • JR

    I dont see how you can blame the police. People have their own personal responsibility to protect themselves. These predators out here on the streets have no sense of self worth nor do they respect their fellow man. Many of these cases are often a result of drug deals gone wrong or he’s looked at my girl with those lustful eyes. Usually, some underlying crime is accompanying the murder which both the victim and offender are equally involved. Sometime, there are truly innocent victims such as the good older man who repurposed metal into wonderful art. Its all bad, thats for certain. But to blame HPD or any law enforcement agency is irresponsible and flat out wrong.

    • JF

      I agree with you on that. It’s not HPD’s fault. And besides, they can’t possibly be everywhere all the time. These awful things happen and they do their job by finding who did it and bringing them in.

  • CW

    Really? How do you figure it’s the police department’s fault for people losing their minds and becoming violent? Last time I checked, there weren’t enough police officers to have one sit outside every residence in the city. The blame is with the offenders. My prayers and condolences to the family and friends of the person lost to this crime.

  • Chiku Misra

    No it’s definitely the police’s fault. We should increase their budget and assign one officer to every single person so that everyone is safe and has their own police escort at all times daily.

  • matt love

    what ppl need to realize is that we live in a violent society. Hsv is no exception to this no reality. There is no way to stop violence in any community. Violence has no race choice. It also has no choice of income, neighborhood, or your status in the community. We think that things like this don’t supposed to happen here, but after 9/11 violence and death will and can happen anywhere. Do like I have done stock pile guns ammo and pray that you will never have to use the weapons of mass destruction.

  • meghan2014

    Its not the police’s fault in anyway. But I will say this.Limestone. couny is getting to where its getting pretty bad out there to. A friend of mine lives in Limestone County and they said that sometime lastnight after 10pm that someone stopped in the middle of the road and turned the head lights off and just for no reason at all started popping rounds off in the air with what they believe is either a 9mm or a 380. And they said they don’t have a clue who it is. Some people just love to get into trouble by doing crazy things and it seems that there lives would be more important than getting into trouble.

  • Cindy

    Yeah, we want these folks in our South Huntsville schools. North Huntsville is a ghetto where the blood of the young fills the streets. Leaders of North Huntsville focus their time on busing black kids to schools on the South side of town while their young men die at the hands of their young black men. Its a pity. Pray for these young black men that commit genocide.

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