Punxsuntawney Phil Makes His Prediction

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PUNXSUTAWNEY, Pa. – The handlers for groundhog Punxsutawney Phil say he’s forecasting six more weeks of what already has felt like a brutally long and cold winter.

Pennsylvania’s famed groundhog emerged from his lair in front of thousands of fans around daybreak Sunday.

Legend has it that if the furry rodent sees his shadow on Feb. 2, winter will last another month-and-a-half. If he doesn’t see it, spring will come early.

In reality, Phil’s prediction is decided ahead of time by a group called the Inner Circle, whose members don top hats and tuxedos for the ceremony on Groundhog Day each year.

Phil is the most famous of a small group of groundhogs said to forecast the weather, including Staten Island Chuck in New York and General Beauregard Lee in Atlanta.


  • preacher

    God controls ALL, including the weather. not some Groundhog. This is utter foolishness. Get a Life…An Eternal Life… Amen.

  • Larry

    I feel so sorry for you non-believers. My prayer is that some day soon you’ll
    call on the name of Jesus and be saved.

  • preacher

    Psalms 14:1, ” A FOOL has said in his heart, there is no God.” Psalms 9:17 ” The wicked shall be turned into HELL, and all nations that forget God.” All unbelievers are Lost Fools!

  • Tyko Mäkitammi

    You people are silly to feel as if Groundhog Day is somehow a threat to your religious beliefs. It’s just a fun, harmless tradition, like Halloween. Don’t listen to the American Taliban. Keep our traditions alive.

    • Branko Pezdi

      While your sentiments are correct, you cross the line with your gratuitous insult of American Christians. Equating Christians to the Taliban who enforce their primitive religion with death via guns and dull knives is the mark of a small and not too bright mind.

  • Reality Check

    OMG, people…. get a grip! This article is about a groundhog. Next you will be banning the Old Farmer’s Almanac, or better yet, burning weather forecasters at the stake (not to say that it wouldn’t be fitting to some). Let’s just enjoy the news articles without making them about religion or lack thereof.

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