A Missouri Mother Turns In Her Own Son

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BOLIVAR, Mo. – On Friday, a young man who told Missouri police he intended to commit mass murder was convicted of planning an armed assault.

The case of 21-year-old Blaec Lammers is the story of how difficult it is for many parents to get adequate medical care for their mentally-ill children.

Lammers has been in custody for the last 15 months in Bolivar, Mo., for plotting mass murder.

“I watched a scary movie one day and that thought came back in my mind,” he said. “I could do this.”

Could do what? “Hurt somebody,” he said. Was he actually thinking he could kill somebody? “At times I did,” he said.

His videotaped confession to police about his plan to open fire at a Walmart and possibly a movie theater was made after his own mother turned him in.

“I just walk in and start shooting, and just wait till the police got there,” he said in the confession.

“Police got here and do what?” an officer asked him.

“Just hand myself over,” he answered.

Tricia Lammers had discovered a receipt in her son’s pants.

“I found a receipt that said ‘Shotgun, $865,” she said.

It turns out that shotgun receipt was actually for an assault weapon. She called police.

Lammer’s father, Bill Lammers, was asked whether she had done the right thing.

“Yeah, and I’ll tell you why,” he said.  “Our son is still alive today and no one else was hurt.”

Blaec’s parents first noticed changes in their son’s mental state when he was 16. Seven times in the next four years he would be admitted to psychiatric hospitals following escalating threats of violence.

“It’s a revolving door,” Bill Lammers said. “Get them, treat them, get them out, because there is a line waiting.”

Each time he was released after four days — the legal limit without a hard-to-obtain court order — with new medications and a new diagnosis, ranging from a form of autism to bi-polar to a condition linked to schizophrenia.

Does Blaec Lammers consider himself mentally ill?

“If I stay busy, I’m good,” he said. “But if I get bored, or I’m by myself, I get to thinking of stuff.”

And that stuff could be suicidal or homicidal, he said.

But he was never involuntarily committed during his seven trips to mental hospitals, so nothing came up on his background check and he was able to go into Walmart and buy two AR-15 style rifles, similar to the gun used in the Aurora, Colo., movie theater shooting and in Newtown, Conn.

Was he capable of shooting up a movie theater? “It was a 50/50,” he said.

Lammers could get life in prison when he is sentenced in March.

The defense could have asked for him to be put in a mental-health facility.

But before the verdict, the judge asked Lammers if he had any interest in that.  He said no.

So his only option now is prison.


  • Grandpa Rich

    Anyone linking the so called entertainment industry to the irresponsibility in the total trash they produce that puts ideas into the minds of those who already have mental issues? We really need to hold these irresponsible money grubbers at least partially responsible for the total trash they produce,of course they’re only interested in profiteering from the trash they call entrainment. Thanks to his Mother for paying attention to her sons’ mental state,she may have saved several lives,and prevented yet another tragedy!

    • MadisonCountyMom

      Amen, to every word! About 6 years ago, my husband and I committed ourselves to a very strict standard of media, regardless of whether or not the children are around. If it’s not suitable for our children (PG and a very few PG13-ish things and cleaner), then it’s not suitable for us (that includes movies, books, magazines, internet, music, games, and everything else). The difference for me wasn’t so stark, but for him, having been a single college guy in the preceding years, he was quite affected by the difference, in a way that felt very positive to him (and he doesn’t have any mental issues). The things you say here about the entertainment industry are proven, time and again, to be exactly correct. It’s beyond me how people refuse to look at this cause-and-effect.

      I very much appreciate the young man’s parents’ willingness to accept his conditions and insist on being active in his treatment – whatever that treatment may be. I also appreciate that the man is willing to be cooperative about his condition (it seems). He isn’t in denial about it, which is good. He knows he is dangerous, and admits it, which makes him several steps ahead of many who have similar fantasies. He was never involuntarily admitted to the facilities – which was bad for the “paper trail” that could have prevented him purchasing the firearms, but good for him and his ability to cooperate with reality. I hope there may be some type of anything out there that might be able to help him and give him a less tormented life. How wonderful for this family that would be!

      • D C

        But…..But…. All those hollywood stars making these movie chant the mantra of removing guns from the people?

  • mamac

    Well he said he watched a scary movie and that is when he started thinking about hurting people..Our country needs help on ever aspect..

  • Sue

    Mentally challenged people especially younger ones these days do not grasp reality on what is real or in the movies. They can easily be influenced by people or movies or a lot of things. Yes the movies that the industry put out are a MAJOR influence. A lot of them are all about money whether it be killing͵ torture͵ rape and makes it seem “ok” to do these things. They even show them how to get away with it. I won’t go into a movie theater anyone because it seems to be the target for people wanting to kill. If this man had shot in the Walmart can you even picture how many people he could have killed including little kids? I live close to Walmart and go there for stuff all the time. It is scary what goes through people’s mind! Monitoring what your child watches on t.v. is necessary. I am SO GLAD he was turned in before he harmed what could have been a LOT of innocent people! I know it was hard for them to do but it had to be done. Maybe he can be helped.

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