Garrison Commander on Future Gate Changes: “I don’t anticipate it.”

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REDSTONE ARSENAL, Ala. (WHNT) -- Garrison Commander Colonel Bill Marks told WHNT News 19 that he understands the frustration behind the closing of Gate 8.

"It's not something that sits well in my home," said Col. Marks. "It's a gate that I use frequently and it has caused me to change my morning route as well as all my neighbors on the base."

With budget cuts hitting the Department of Defense, Col. Marks said he is mindful of what changes could be in the future for other gates. "I can't rule anything out, I don't anticipate it," he said. "We will work the best we can to try to avoid that."

Col. Marks told WHNT News 19 that if we continue to gradually reduce our force, closing more gates would be something he might have to consider. "It's not a fore drawn conclusion, because I think that we're working with the very best staff we have to look at those things and provide innovative solutions to this," he said.

If Redstone Arsenal had to go to that measure, Colonel Marks said closing other gates would be a last resort.

"It'd be something that I would communicate well in advance," he said. "It would not surprise any of us. If we came to that, we would want to provide the predictability not only to our workforce but to our neighboring communities as well."


  • Karl Lee

    New Jersey governor has his bridge gate – Redstone has it’s Marks gate! Could this possibly be a republican move as a military officer!! Why isn’t this happening at other military installations! Poor leadership decisions – I guess once a ambulance can’t get on base – they will do the cat n mouse trick

  • Bruce M. Wiegmann

    It is truly amazing that in America, there is no independent press today. If there were, crazy decisions such as these would be quickly reversed!
    The Col is taking orders from someone for some reason, but when traffic on Eastbound I-565 backs up to Wall Triana Highway in Madison in the AM commute, this is indeed a very dangerois situation that the Col has created. But remember, he is doing what he is told.. As i for one would not believe there is that much $$ to be saved by changing these gate hours. Many military installations have 6 or 8 gates on an entrance staffed in AM commutes. If the press would actually determine the growth of employment on RSA in the past 30 years then determine how many less lanes of incoming traffic there are today, it would easily show the stupidity of this type of move. But the TN Valley press will not do any story that shows the great HSV so called economic boom in a bad manner. Perhaps this Col could task one of his subordinates to provide such data.. If he does not, I guess my reasoning is sound. In some commands doing things of this nature could be viewed poorly. Let us pray that some texting individual going 80 mph on I 565, does not cause a ten car pile up with numerous deaths.

  • dmil72

    If you are worried about cutbacks, Colonel, then may I suggest using the active duty MPs that are in the Army for the sole reason of base security. If your concern were for the people that live and work on Resdtone Arsenal, then it would already be in the works. What is it going to take before someone sees that when you have that many people backed up trying to come in the gate it is a prime target for an IED to take out a few people. Or a truck loaded with explosives to take out MANY. Or are you just worried about what happens to people once they make it on to your AOR, Colonel?

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