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Arsenal Gate Changes, 2 Wrecks Slow Thursday Morning Traffic on I-565

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HUNTSVILLE, Ala. (WHNT) – Traffic was very slow-moving this morning on Interstate 565 East in Huntsville. Shortly after 8 a.m. it was backed up all the way from Gate 9 to Wall Triana Boulevard.

The traffic was already gridlocked due to recent gate changes getting on to Redstone Arsenal.  Gate 8 closed, so hundreds more drivers joined the Gate 9 traffic.

There were also two wrecks — one on Research Park Boulevard approaching Gate 9 and another in the eastbound lanes of I-565 at mile marker 10, according to Madison Police.

Madison Police say the wreck on I-565 was cleared by 9:45 a.m.


  • Dan

    Agreed, and the reality is the gate traffic backing up into highways is fueling accidents and hampering traffic for the whole area. It compounds when you have jobs that expect you on time making people drive more risky and aggressive. Garrison needs to get the gate issue under control, it’s unacceptable.

  • Barbara

    Why not take personnel from the closed gates and beef up the manning at the open ones? Gate three was a fifteen minute wait this morning–one of the three lanes closed. Gate ten at Patton Road was backed up to Bob Wallace. Surely, they can manage better than this??

  • DRD

    Garrison has no funding. The gate restructuring was due to lack of funds to keep guards in place. Unless IMCOM sends new funding, this is the new normal.

    • Steve

      maybe they should have funded the guards instead of building the pretty signs. Take guards out of thier cars and put on gates. Does Mo Brooks need to try and come in the gate again early and sit in traffic again like last year>

  • LF

    This “Redstone Arsenal” problem backing up on the Alabama interstate is creating this kind of “mess” and in my opinion is unacceptable. Their lack of funding should not have to be handled by Huntsville civilian commuters .They should have militrary police and signs out on East 565 early every morning all the way back to Wall Triana . Huntsville city should not have to bear the brunt of this decision by them .

  • KC

    @Juan…some people don’t have the luxury of leaving for work early. some people have kids that have to be dropped off at daycare and such. You have a lot of single parents who don’t have a spouse to split the duties as some rude person suggested on here. In addition to that what if everyone decided to leave 30 minutes early… seems like we would have the same problem doesn’t it :-)

    • CBC

      Redstone is an equal opportunity employer, that means parents, those caring for the elderly, those with medical problems, those who stay up late playing video games and whatever else they do on their own time are all subject to the same rules. Parents don’t get special treatment just becasue they chose to have kids and work on the arsenal.

      If children are that important to you (and I agree they are important) , have the other parent – even if not in the home help out.

  • Amanda

    It took me 50 minutes at gate 9 this morning, which normally takes me no longer than 20 to 25 in heavier traffic… something has to change…. there are already wrecks. Some idiots were flying past the backed up lanes driving on the shoulder of the road and then when the traffic is supposed to flow into one lane jerking over… that is going to hurt someone!! This needs to be fixed.. now!!!

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