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New Downtown Signage Program and Anti-Valentine’s Day Party on Downtown Huntsville Weekly

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HUNTSVILLE, Ala. (WHNT) - Macy Chapman with Downtown Huntsville, Inc. stopped by to talk about a couple of upcoming events and projects in the downtown Huntsville area.

The first project Chapman was excited to talk about was the Downtown Wayfinding Signage program. Designed with the goal to make downtown Huntsville more easily navigable, the Wayfinding Signage would make parking, special events, and key downtown locations easy to locate for those new to Huntsville and longtime residents, alike.

The plan is to have about 60 signs scattered across downtown, including 36 roadside markers, designed to help drivers quickly find key sites. There will also be several signs that let pedestrians know how long it takes to walk to several downtown attractions.

Chapman also talked about the Anti-Valentine’s Day Party fundraiser for the Downtown Small Business Initiative. Only a $10 donation is required per person to enter. Chapman said it should be a fun and ironic way to celebrate Valentine’s Day—with or without a date.

The Anti-Valentine’s Day party will be held at Straight to Ale Brewery on Feb. 14 from 7:00 p.m. – 10:00 p.m. You can buy a ticket in advance at Music will be provided by DJ Darth Vader, and a special “I Killed Cupid” Brew is being made exclusively for this party.


    • emersoncde

      Huntsville is fortunate to have many strong business areas. One factual way to measure a specific area’s extent of business properties are the number of business licenses in a specific defined area. The higher the number, the more business concentration. The Downtown area has among the highest, if not highest, in the entire city.

  • concerned in five points

    why is a fund raiser for the Downtown Small Business Initiative being held at a brew pub which is not downtown?

    • DHI

      Straight to Ale kindly offered a free venue that is very popular among locals and will hopefully introduce downtown efforts to a new audience.

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