Governor Bentley Urges People to “Stay at Home”

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MONTGOMERY, Ala. (WHNT) – Tuesday afternoon, Alabama Governor Robert Bentley said his declaration of a weather emergency will last indefinitely.

“The state of emergency that I declared yesterday that went into effect at 6am(Tuesday) and will remain in effect as long as necessary.”

Alabamians hope “as long as necessary” means not very long. Tuesday, by all accounts, was, is, and will continue to be, a weather mess.  There was gridlock across many part of the state.   Many schools had trouble getting kids back to their parents.

“There are a number of schools across the state where parents are having difficulty getting to their children. I understand the anxiety and the concern of the parents who cannot get to their children.”

Some schools in the Fort Payne area were delayed in getting all their kids to parents. At this point, all students in the Tennessee Valley are home.

Governor Bentley said every state resource is being used to help this affected by the brutally cold temperatures.

“Know that we are aware of the severity of the winter storm.  We are using every state resource that is necessary to assist in this need.”

The overview of the state suggests north Alabama drew the lucky straw.  The weather across the Gadsden-Birmingham-Tuscaloosa line seems to be much worse than what is going on here in north Alabama. But not matter where you live, Governor Bentley urges you to be smart in the frigid weather.

“I would like to say that this is a very dangerous situation. People need to stay at home.  They need to stay there until conditions improve.”


  • skillpot

    Why do politicians have to keep telling people to ‘stay home?’ Next thing we will be hearing is go P, or S, or don’t!

  • mona

    Why was the schools even opened on Tuesday since the mayor had declared a state of emergency at 6am Tuesday. Dies the schools have the right to endanger the children?

  • Skillpot

    Seems the school days are what they are, so to get the monies, created by the political nonsense of the DOE, and other political organizations?

    Why do we not have an educational program that will teach children to prepare for the future, rather than what we have? Too much time wasted on a program that does not produce results!

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