Gov. Bentley Discusses State’s Winter Weather Response

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MONTGOMERY, Ala. – Governor Robert Bentley held a news conference Tuesday to give updates on Alabama’s response to winter weather that is impacting the state.  Many areas in north, central and south Alabama are experiencing sleet, ice and snow.

Governor Bentley says all state offices are closed until 12 p.m. Thursday. He said 350 members of the National Guard have been activated to help wherever needed.

He reassured parents whose students are stuck at school to know the children are being taken care of.  Many students have not been able to get home in Jefferson County, Talladega County, and other locations. The situation has improved for students in DeKalb County and Fort Payne, though.

Gov. Bentley urged people with roadside calls to use the number *HP (*47).  He urged people not to call 911 unless it’s a true emergency, and he also urged people to stay off the roads in areas that are closed.

Governor Bentley declared a State of Emergency on Monday.


  • Lisa

    And I can’t imagine what the parents are going thur
    And the price tag of
    The National Guard coming to bring beds and meds to students
    They wanted to save money and they will end up spending more
    And making parents upset

  • Jada

    This is ridiculous! Talk about being unprepared. My prayers are going out to all of the kids and parents separated due to road/weather hazards. It is clear the he is in over his head. MAKE A GOOD DECISION BENTLEY!!!!!
    How much of a sacrifice will STATE WORKERS be required to make. My supervisor decided to keep me past the time that our agency head (who did not come in today) gave permission for everyone to leave. I haven’t received a merit or cost of living raise for almost eight of the twelve 1/2 years I have been employed with the State; but, I have to say this is the first time I have been required to jeopardize my safety! Not all agency head/supervisors care about their employees. The decision to shut down should be the Governor’s decision (especially when a State of Emergency has been declared).

  • H Glass

    He needs to be more specific… The “department heads” at correctional facilities are requiring support staff to come to work in this garbage despite the Governor’s declaration regarding state offices. Yes, we’re aware that the prison’s do not “close,” but generally, people have enough sense to issue orders for support staff to not be present in times like these. However, since they do not, the Governor needs the audacity to make it known that all non-law enforcement/security personnel are on administrative leave.

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