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HUNTSVILLE, Ala. (WHNT) - Over the next several weeks, many people in the Tennessee Valley will be thinking about their health, trying to lose 10 pounds in 10 weeks during the Scale Back Alabama campaign.

WHNT NEWS 19 is Taking Action to find ways to help make it easier. We found some great answers to cravings for snacks that can be delivered to you weekly or monthly for a nominal cost.

For anyone who made a resolution to lose weight and eat healthier in the new year, healthy food sample boxes make healthy eating fun and cheap.

There are at least a dozen companies that offer healthy food sample boxes for all different prices, depending on what you're interested in and how much you want to spend.

Some of the options provide a great way to find healthy snacks and -- and support charitable efforts to support breast cancer research, help children and animals.

Munchit is a subscription box that costs you less than $4 and arrives every Wednesday at your home -- or workplace -- with a mix of 19 dried fruits, nuts, seeds and natural treats as well as a drink, all-natural candy, chocolate or gum.

You tell them what you like and they add a nutritious surprise.

Munchit's website spells out several charities the company supports -- from animal welfare to breast cancer.

Another box is called Graze, delivered every two weeks.  It costs $6, including shipping.

The company boasts it is "guilt-free" snacking, portion-controlled and delivered right to you.

You choose from nut and seed mixes, juicy dried fruits, tasty crackers, dips and dippers, and natural treats.

Lovewithfood challenges you to "Snack smart. Do good."

For $10 a month, you get a box filled with eight or more healthy snacks.  And for every box or item you buy, the company donates a meal to feed a hungry child.

On the company's website, they boast they've donated more than 156,000 meals to hungry children around the world since they started.

Then there's NatureBox, started by a woman who struggled to overcome obesity.  This box costs just under $20.

The company's website tells you its team scours the world to find unique and tasty snacks. Each box includes five items with a specific theme, all taste-tested, nutritionist-approved and fully refundable if you don't like them.

Furthermore, NatureBox also tracks down helpful content on various topics on nutrition to help guide you throughout the day.  The last box that went out was packed full of foods to keep you satisfied and energized.  The next one is a wholesome comfort foods box just in time for Valentine's Day.

With all of these companies, once you figure out what you like, you can buy full-size containers at discounted rates.


  • Karinttt

    I don’t see how they’re making “diet” decisions all the time. You pick the mixes you like. You get batches of different types of mixes to try and let them know what you like and don’t like. Eventually you will know what you like and can order just those in bulkier batches. No one is forcing you or making the decision for you. You choose the flavors and tastes you like best.

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