School Delays & Closings for Friday

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  • The Truth

    If your kid goes to Huntsville City Schools, Bundle them up, they don’t care enough about the kids to delay the schools so they dont have to stand in the cold at the bus stop.

  • Jessica Huff

    CBC said what i was going to. Really people having been doing this since before my gramma was little. you dress warm wait on the bus and go to school everyone in the north does it unless the roads are bad. It’s all about layers, coats, scarves, hats, gloves and for all those kids who don’t wear socks, its time to wear them. My girls had to stand outside in the freezing cold on the days I couldn’t drive them to school. Just be smart bundle your kids. Though i do believe in Ohio the buses cant run if it’s under 5 degrees or windchill is under 5. I’m sure if the windchill is going to be too bad they will delay. Schools don’t have to delay until morning.

  • Bill

    Why are they delaying school? I mean two and three hours. There won’t be much change in temps. Who the heck comes up with this dumb stuff? Oh the people that in charge educating our kids. Lord Help us. This the dumbest thing I ever heard of. Two and Three hour delays.

  • LMM

    Look at the forecast, 14 at 7:00 am, 19 at 9:00 am. NOT MUCH DIFFERENCE with the kids “in the cold waiting on buses”….just doesn’t make sense.

  • Dawn Avery

    Huntsville City Schools keep their doors open for kids who have parents that have to be in to work whether they delay schools or not. It’s still going to be cold outside luckily HCS teaches inside the building.

  • Bill

    No wonder we rank last in education. We have dumb fools coming up with dumb things. I mean do these fools really believe a two or even a three hour delay going to help. whoever came up with this should be fired, because they’re too dumb to teach or run a school system.

  • Rachel

    I think its stupid delaying schools. Its gonna be just as cold a couple hours later. My kids go to Albertville which is only delayed one hour. Its definitely going to be just as cold only one hour later. I will enjoy the extra hour of sleep though

  • Frank

    If the school days are simply delayed the children will not have to make it up. if the schools are closed days will be added on the end of the year.

  • Donna Collins Wadkins

    I think some folks need to do some research before making any comments. Alabama doesn’t normally see these low of temperatures for days in a row. Schools are not delayed because of children standing out in the cold waiting on buses. It is because of the older school there heat systems is not equipped to handle the singe degree temperatures.

    • amanda estess

      I was just about to post something about the buses. This is the main reason for the school delays. The buses have a hard time starting when the temps are this low.

  • Jennifer

    They delay start times for the studets not the school staff, teachers, bus drivers. This allows time to make sure that the buses will start and the heaters will have time to heat the classrooms and if there is a problem they can make adjustments so that the kids will not be effected too bad. No there is not a big difference in temps in those 2 or 3 hours to you but there is a big difference to a bus engine or a heater. Quit complaining. If they think that their school system needs to be delayed then they will delay them. I know that Madison Co. was 1 of the 1st to delay class 2 or 3 days in a row the 1st time we had thse delays. I know my kids are in good hands whether they are delayed or not. Plus I am their mother if I think it is too cold then guess what I won’t send then :)

  • Piratemom

    My kids go to Boaz City and I appreciate the fact that they have the children’s best interest at heart when making these decisions. This is not NORMAL weather for Alabama.

  • CBC

    Looking at the comments posted here, Alabama needs to keep it’s schools open all day, everyday just to teach basic english.

    As a parent you have a responsibilty to provide for your children and live within your means. Buying an extra layer of clothing should not be an expense beyond your means.

    Not one word on “expensive” or living wage, you knew what you made when you had the child. You knew the child needed to ride the bus and would require a coat.

    Yes, it will be cold for several days, that means you, as the parent, are responsible for providing the necessary clothing for your child.
    If you cannot provide adequate clothing to have them wait on the bus, then you need to take the time and effort to drive them to school.

    I’m tired of parents whining and crying about what we all need to be doing to “care” for thier kids. No, you had them thus YOU care for them.

    • Tammy B

      I agree! 0ur children are our responsibility to care for, the extra time to de ice the car I’m greatful for , but of we were going to go on time that would be fine too, this weather is cold , but come on, if it’s below 40 in Alabama people are buying out the bread and milk, these people should really get out of state more often , and not to the beach. Kids go to school in much worse conditions, bundle our kids up, let them go learn, and parents stop whining already, whether we’re delayed are not think to yourself, is it really affecting your children or your schedule, I’m betting you , our kids will be just fine!

    • MadisonCountyMom

      In case you’ve forgotten, parents are legally required to send their children to school. So, the school DOES have a full responsibility to make sure the children are warm and well cared for during the 8 hours each day that they insist the students be inside their walls. This is fine – as a teacher, myself, I have zero problem caring for these kids while they’re under my watch. If they’re cold, I hunt them down a donated coat. If they’re hungry, I can usually find a breakfast bar or package of cookies in my desk. We care for the kids like they’re our own, and I think that while they’re in our building, we SHOULD.

      SO…that means, if we’re worried about the school building (or PORTABLES) being too cold, we do what we need to do. It’s important to make sure that the temperature begins to go up and no pipes bust. It’s important to be sure the classrooms are heating properly. It’s important to be sure the buses are all cranking and that they all have heat. The first time Madison County was delayed for temps, the school I work for, had 2 classes from the portables meeting in the library for the entire school day. The library still had classes coming to be read to, and both teachers were doing their best to teach in a very distracting environment (and this was just ONE of the issues the school faced during the extreme cold). I’m sure we weren’t the only school that had such problems. Several across N.AL had pipes bust, and the bus drivers were out extra early, which means the system has to pay them for the extra time.

      Also, don’t judge parents. I know more than a few who had the kids when they could afford kids just fine, and then mom got cancer, dad got laid off, a sibling became very ill, a parent got in a car wreck and had to rehab for 2 years (so, couldn’t work), and countless other very understandable reasons that families fall on hard times. I just paid the fee for one of my students to be a part of our clubs because his family has a brand new baby (expensive) and they have had to stay in a hotel because their pipes busted and flooded their home. People have hard times, and you would be wise to spend your time finding out how your super-responsible self could help them.

  • MacSwain

    So because parents don’t have an emergency plan in place they get mad when the school is taking precautions? So maybe the kids should be mad that their parents don’t have a plan.

  • CS77

    It’s not because of just the temperatures; it has to do with the windchill temperatures in the morning and exposure to that. Yes, people can bundle up. However, the only reason I have a very heavy jacket in my closet is for when I go to Colorado during ski season. Other than that, I had never bought a heavy jacket for down here — not to say we don’t need it on occasion, but it isn’t usual weather for us. There were many coat drives over the holidays because of families in need, so don’t assume every family whose kid has to stand at the bus stop to take the bus can be driven to school and/or properly clothed to withstand this weather. Does 7am to 9am make a difference? With the sun having been out a couple of hours and maybe a slightly warmer windchill temp, the answer is “yes”.

  • Christy

    The bottom line is you can never make everyone happy! It’s not your decision, and even though you might not agree with it, each school system is doing what is best for the children. You would be surprised at how many ignorant parents (druggies, etc.) send their children to school in tank tops, shorts, etc. Some cannot even afford a jacket. I’m not trying to make excuses for those parents, but the children are the ones who end up suffering the consequences. The school systems at least care enough to attempt to look out for these children and their well being!

  • CBC

    All my children (2) have appropriate coats, shoes and accessories. I will drop them off if necessary.
    As for old age, it’s selfish to rely on children to provide for you, I already have the extended care plan for old age so all my kids have to do is visit and not go broke paying for my care.
    I refuse to burden my kids that way, it’s the height of selfishness.

    • MadisonCountyMom

      Consider yourself blessed, then, and start thinking about your fellow man. You preach about not being selfish, but you kind of are.

  • Bottrot

    I’m a school bus driver and they have been sending the mechanics around to the buses starting them at between 4 and 5:00. My bus is warmer on the cold days starting out then they are on the normal days of 20 degrees outside. Also I lived in the north till a few years ago and delays when there is fog or sleet and ice are very wise decisions. Sometimes just having that extra hour or two so we aren’t out in the dark is a smart move. I think overall our schools make as good of decisions as possible considering what they are going up against with this stupid minimum school day rule. The day of the tornado we never would have went that day if we weren’t under those laws. We had already missed several days because of snow so our administration was having to make decisions with that in mind. It’s hard making wise decisions when your hands are tied behind your back.

  • Moto

    News flash….if you don’t have a winter jacket for your kid then go buy one now! You can get one from the thrift store cheap and I’m sure Walmart isn’t too expensive either. The excuse that you can’t afford a winter jacket is sad and you may want to move to Miami or the Bahamas. It always gets cold and if you don’t make sure your kid is warm while they wait for the bus I feel sorry for the rest of the stuff your kids miss out on. Here’s an idea, drive your kid to school or let them wait in your car at the bus stop till the bus gets there if they can’t wait in your house. It’s not that hard people!

    • CBC

      Moto; what is this “responsible parenting” that you speak of? Common sense and proactive thinking?
      HUH? DUH? WUT?

    • Littlebug

      Well said my friend. Watch the kids at the bus stops, they all have smart phones now. Parents would get their kids a phone and data plan over a coat

  • Jennifer

    WHNT can you please monitor these comments. Way to keep it classy everyone. I feel sorry for these kids that have parents that have nothing better to do all day but call each other names, complain, and start fights. Grow up people it’s just a school delay not the end of the world.

  • Cbq

    The biggest thing I find sad, is the fact that the school boards even have to consider if every child has a coat. Children these days have a lower level of responsibility also. If I went out in 9 degree weather with shorts and a tee on my parents would have busted my butt. Parents and I am including myself here get so busy it is easier to do for them rather than teach them to do for themselves. But no 5 yr olds is not what I am talking about before someone jumps on that banwagon. I am referring to the young adults we are in the process of turing loose on the world. We need to stop hand feeding our young and make them be responsible. Just my opinon.

    • Joe

      Hartselle City Schools is so stubborn when it comes to delaying, I would expect no delay. If there is a delay, we will be informed late at night or early morning.

  • baby2014

    One other thing to consider, frostbite, in these temps it takes less than 15 mins. My kids walk to school most days, a walk tomorrow morning could be very harmful even with hats, mittens and the proper jackets.

  • Matthew

    I think this mess has gotten out of hand! Last time I checked no kids were walking several miles to school anymore! The kids are indoors, they should be in school at normal time! And in hsv city schools case, I’d be willing to bet the bus drivers union is crying about the weather! That would explain why they’re opening the doors for parents to drop kids off at normal time!

  • Wellnow2

    Well you guys can talk about jackets all
    You want but the higher ups
    Have made their decisions
    So that how iris gonna be.:))))

  • Lisa

    I agree Bottrot..
    This is I the welfare of our
    Children… Whether they have coats or not
    Isn’t the issue.
    Keeping our kids safe thur
    Weather we are not accustom to

  • lmc

    It is hilarious to see grown adults fighting like children and bullying each other (the very thing our schools are trying so hard to remove from our children’s lives) over a two hour delay. The best part of this “school” discussion is that 75% of you are unable to write a complete sentence and those that attempted are unable to spell what they are trying to say….I vote we send you to school tomorrow and let the children take the day off. Too funny. Poor kids, spending every day in school learning to read and write, only to come home to people who are apparently not educated enough to read their homework assignments… I say good luck little ones.

  • shannon

    What about dekalb county schools we r up in the mountain where its colder and they have not delayed them at all just wondering if anyone kbows if they r going to delay them

  • eaglenest

    Last week was 1 of the coldest days and Lincoln County didn’t call schools in late. To show how tough and smart these hillbilly’s are, at South Lincoln Elementry, were my son attends, some of the classrooms didn’t even have heat. And, as you can see, were on for tomorrow, as well. That’s right, NO HEAT in the classrooms, yet they still allowed school to go on. Some of these classrooms were 1st graders.

    I was amazed at this fact when I was made aware of it. Think about it parents, what if it was 1 of your kids in one of these classrooms. And this is not hearsay, we received a letter from the school stating the fact.

    With the high tomorrow only being 21, a couple hours late want make a difference for this classrooms w /o heat.

  • Lisa

    Just to re- cap….The reason for the delays? We are expecting more frigid Arctic air and temperatures will fall into the low teens and single digits on Monday night, making for wind chills near or below zero. A Wind Chill Advisory is in effect for the entire Tennessee Valley starting 9:00 pm this evening, through 9:00 am Wednesday morning.
    Dangerously cold conditions will persist through midweek, with many communities after falling below freezing today, remaining below 32° until late Thursday morning.

  • sad

    I’m a student and I think I have a say in this. From the minute I knew what cold weather was I have yet to see it or remember it get below 30 degrees so we aren’t exactly use to this weather and if you haven’t noticed most of North Alabama doesn’t have the richest people. Alot of families struggle to get food let alone large jackets. I use to live in the Madison area and noticed that many kids walked to school, sometimes long distances. Kids do have to wait in the cold, but sometimes for long periods of times because of traffic or an issue with the elemtary kids. I felt like some of the comments in here implied us as dumb. Most of the students, including me, do want to go to school and learn to get into good colleges. So I’m sorry we aren’t lime the children up north who have to go to school in cold weather or the smartest children in the country. I would like to thank the teachers and bus drivers for staying and making sure we have heat in our schools and buses.

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