Rep. Mike Ball Battles Fearful Legislators For Medical Marijuana Derived Oil To Help Sick Children

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HUNTSVILLE, Ala. (WHNT)- Going into the legislative session Representative Mike Ball (R-Madison) started a push to legalize a marijuana-based oil.

The oil doesn't have a recreational use.  It doesn't get you high.  It comes from the cannabis plant, and a lot people say it also happens to work wonders on kids with conditions that can cause dozens of seizures a day.

But Ball thinks legislators might just be too afraid to pass his bill.

Earlier last month, Gena Dalton told us her daughter's story, "My mouth just fell open when I'm hearing the amounts of Valium they pumped into her."

Her daughter Charlotte started having bouts of seizures.  She can't get relief from modern medicine without horrendous side effects.

But a lot of families have seen success with an oil derived from the marijuana plant.

It doesn't get kids high.  It just limits seizures.

Charlotte could use it to fight back for her health, but then she might lose her parents.  unless the state legislature acts.

"These people are not criminals," says Ball, "And they shouldn't have to leave Alabama to get treatment for their sick children.""

Down at the state house, Representative Mike Ball pushes the legislation to legalize the oil - just the oil, "I made a lot of progress in a hurry, but the one thing that I've got to overcome, this is an election year.  And political fear in an election year . . . politicians can be very skittish."

So maybe legislators put it off a year.  Maybe that's safer.  Not for Charlotte, but for them.

Ball argues, "What they should be afraid of is going home without doing this, because if we don't do this and we're attacked for not doing it, I don't have an argument for it.  I don't have an antidote for that."

At the end of the day, what they have to account for - well, that's up to you.


  • cm

    This oil has already shown great progress in California to put cancer in remission and in some cases cure it. I have a sister with stage 4 pancreatic cancer and I would think at this point anything that could help her would be worth it. If it was the politicians daughters, sons, brothers, or sisters, they would be all over approving this.

  • sherry gibbs

    Personally I fear for the re-election of the people that do NOT vote to pass this law. It will be made public to every person we can think of…along with our sick kids.

    • Kedwards

      Dea….not sure who you are but obviously nobody that you love has epilepsy. I have experienced seizures since I was 9 years old and I am 40 now. I can’t work, drive…I have no life. I have been on every medicine out there….which thanks to there great side effects have damaged my memory. I am now awaiting left temporal lobe surgery. Now how could you vote no….if you could spare one child from experiencing a life like mine???

  • Red

    But… it acknowledges an obvious BENEFIT of the plant, and Alabama lawmakers can’t do that for any reason. Period. Also, it might take money out of the pockets of some pharmaceutical companies who manufacture the far more dangerous substances that are naively pumped into little children even with no clear benefits… and THAT is also unacceptable. Period.

  • Tom

    Hey “DEA”, do some research. You’re failing as a member of society. Medical and legalized marijuana is coming, and there’s nothing you can do to stop it.

  • Mike C.

    Follow in colorado’s footsteps turn alabamas financial situation around with the added revenue , create jobs in literally every city and help medical patients All in one swift move .

    Not just oil , but revenue employment and medical.
    The time for alabama to stop being scared of change is over , the only change alabama will have it they stay on this path is what little is in the states pocket in the 2nd quarter of the fiscal year .

    • Wake Up

      Mike, southern states would rather just attack low income programs and keep things like they are forever. This area has a long history of being the last to embrace modernity!

  • DEA

    I love Mandatory Minimums for marijuana users. simple possession should be 5 year minimum in federal prison. NO Exceptions. I’ll continue to go after ALL these dope heads. And Tom, there’s nothing you can do about it. Users beware…

  • Kedwards

    DEA…who are you? Are you not reading that this is not being used for recreational purposes…this is being used on sick children.

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