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Paul Gebhardtsbauer (Photo: Madison Co. Sheriff's Office)

Paul Gebhardtsbauer (Photo: Madison Co. Sheriff’s Office)

MADISON, Ala. (WHNT) – The Madison County Sheriff’s Office arrested a man recently in a child pornography investigation.

Deputies served a search warrant at 107 Compass Drive in Madison on Friday, January 24.

They arrested Paul Gebhardtsbauer, who lives there, and charged him with possession of child pornography.  His bond was set at $30,000.

Sgt. Brian Chaffin says it appears Gebhardtsbauer has been involved with child pornography since 1985.  Deputies seized computer equipment and will analyze it.  More charges could follow, because they suspect the computer contains 600 to 800 child porn images.

Investigator say it doesn’t appear at this time there are any local victims. It’s believed all illegal images were collected from the Internet.


    • Red

      Shall we allow him to be convicted first, or just go straight to the undemocratic punishment common with our friends in the middle east? Does it matter whether or not he actually victimized any children, or whether he just collected these things from the cesspool that is the internet?

      • Linda Moberg

        Red, I agree that there should be a trial, but whether he has actually molested a child or is just looking at pictures and is convicted I feel that it is no different than actually touching a child. He is at that time involved in criminal activity, getting pictures he knows are illegal, perverted and should not be on a computer. These pictures are of CHILDREN, does it matter whether they are subjected to such perversion in person or on the internet? How were these pictures obtained and able to be put on the internet? How did you find them? Did they suddenly show up and he thought it was ok to use them for his own perversions? The internet does have things on it that I find offensive, but as an ADULT, I CHOOSE to not look at them and if I ever came across anything I thought may be young children, under age 18 even, I would find a way to contact someone and get them to investigate it. I have 3 grandsons, I wouldn’t want some perv looking at them and get their whatever off by looking at them, whether it’s female or male looking. This is a crime against children and it is wrong no matter what in my book. Am I grateful he has not, at this point at least, touched or assaulted a child, of course, but then again who is to say that no matter how long he has looked at these pictures he doesn’t move on to the real child? I’m just glad he has been stopped for now and that hopefully he will be stopped for good before a child is actually harmed not only physically but emotionally for perhaps the rest of their lives.

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