Mom Leaves Kids in Car Outside Convenience Store, Police Charge Her

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CHESTERFIELD, Va. (WTVR) – Police in Chesterfield, Virginia charged a 25-year-old woman with two counts of misdemeanor child neglect after she left her two kids inside a running car while she went inside a convenience store.

Police say Lavita Brown left her two children, ages 1 and 2, inside the car.  Brown said she ran into a Wawa convenience store to grab candy, drinks and cigarettes.

“My car was parked right by the window. I could see my headlights, I couldn’t see my kids but I could see my headlights,” Brown said.

She said she was inside the store for around two minutes, and was stopped by an officer on her way out. She said the officer noticed the children in the car and after questioning, charged her.

“I wasn’t neglecting them. I didn’t mean any harm just by running in the store to get candy, drinks, and my cigarettes,” she said.

Read more from WHNT’s sister station, WTVR.

Do you think the woman should be charged with neglect, or do you think police should have given her a warning?  Post your comments below.


  • Anita

    I million what ifs go through your mind at their age they had to be in car seats “restrained” my car don’t know about hers but mine will lock while its running so no one is going to drive off with the children .it’s a fine line .I am sure lots of people have done this and if not in the parking lot of a business they may have forgotten something in their own home and left the kids unattended while they ran back in for what ever .M y concern is with all that is wrong with the world this is what a officer of the law choose to put his energy into .Next it will be charges of neglect for taken the kids out on a cold winter day ???????

    • DT

      Are we neglecting our children by sending them to school with school shootings and other school mishaps that are happening daily now? There are a lot of different ways to neglect a child. Were these children healthy? How cold was it outside of the car? ( kids and elders are most susceptible to getting life threatening illnesses in the winter) maybe this officer could have watched over these children while she was in the store and talked to her about the dangers of leaving them in the car. That would have been respectable of him! Now this woman has 2 child neglect charges that will follow her the rest of her life.

  • David Wyatt

    Police do what they want depending on how they feel that day. There is no letter to the law; our legal system is just a game played by people with too much power. Its hard being a mother and getting your kids in and out of the car to just run in the store for a min. is to much. Give her a break and go charge someone with a real crime. the courts and jails are full of everyday good people while they just let the criminal walk in and out the door because they can pay with there dirty cash while the hard working poor people get screwed..

  • Cricket

    A parent should NEVER EVER be too busy or in too much of a hurry that it leaves their hild(tein harms way. It only takes 7 seconds to kidnap a child (according to an old study I read.) If you leave the means of transportation it doesn’t take that long.
    Think about it, Levita, if your children were being searched fir today, would you feel you had been negligent?

    • Wilks

      Get the FULL STORY than leave a comment, The doors were locked, she had the pad, she could see them, it was so cold out she was trying to keep them warm. They are SAFE AND SOUND SO LETS NOT PUT THAT ON THEM OR THE WHAT IF BECAUSE IT IS NOT THE CASE!!!

  • rick

    With what this incident has caused the children and parent to go through, it has become apparent who the real abuser is.

  • Jada

    Give her a break. She could see the car, its not like she left them in the car while she went in wal-mart for an hour. This is a waste of time for the already over crowded courts to deal with. Arrest some real criminals instead.

  • Mike

    The problem is you never get the whole story until after the fact. It’s difficult to have an opinion without all the facts.

  • valerie

    The only issue with this is…. no matter whether or not she could see her headlights, if someone were to jump in her car could she have made it out in time? Probably not. Two minutes doesn’t seem like a long time but when it comes to your children, every moment counts!! Had it been 100* outside or -10…. it’s all the same.

    • Daniel

      Riiiight. You people talking about kidnapping I know what you mean. Theres a big difference between age 1 & age 7. When I played outside on my own & in the neighborhood with other kids I was much older do there was never a risk of kidnapping. Children should be barred & chained so theres never even a risk of something happening to them. I vote we attach chains linking all children to their parents at the age of 18. What if they got kidnapped on the way to the bus stop! That usually took me 5 minutes. All school buses should stop in front of every house for this purpose. School can start at noon or later when they finally pick up all the kids. Theyll learn enough in half the time anyways. As long as they’re safe!! Who wants to leave their child wandering the halls of an open unsecure building they call school anyways? In fact, all children should be homeschooled & the government should give food stamps to any family with child so they DO NOT neglect their children. All those people make me sick. The world today…. My goodness.

  • Eydie McHenry

    I think parenting should go back to old fashioned logic. I think there are a lot more dangers out there to children today than ever. Keeping your children in your sight for 2 minutes and running a quick errod isn’t one of them. Worry about all the crazies out there. Not a mom trying to hurry to get things done and get her children home safely!!!

  • Jay

    I cant believe that with all the crime in the world that a cop has time to destroy this women’s life. So un-called for. I hope that charges are dropped, and this woman will be a little more cautious with her kids.

  • Wilks

    I usually don’t but this time I will, AND I AM !!! Funny how many of the comments left many of you are unaware of the FULL STORY and other cautions take.
    If you don’t have anything to say then don’t say nothing at all, don’t call, don’t text, don’t comment on any post or IG pic. Let me be clear in some of the comments, let’s not forget where we came from and also things that you did with your own children, some people who have left negative comments have done worst like leaving there children in the HOUSE ALONE for HOURS, allowing the wrong person to be around there children putting their children in danger. She takes care of her children without asking for anyone else help. You are not there when she needs help, you don’t offer to watch her children when she work, and you don’t pay any bills of hers!!!! SO THERE IS NO NEED FOR YOU TO HAVE ANY INPUT ON THINGS NOW!! THOSE BOYS ARE HEALTHY AND WELL TAKEN CARE OF WITHOUT EVERYONES HELP, SO LET IT BE DONE WITH OUT YOUR negative COMMENTS!!!
    Lil cousin you know we both can tell stories about many people who have left bad comments but we shall not fall low to their level. DO what you have been doing YOUR FAMILY is what you got it you need it! Those boys couldn’t have a better Mommy Love you

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