Salvation Army of the Shoals Says Beds Full at Shelter

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FLORENCE, Ala. (WHNT) – With temperatures dropping into the single digits, many people in need find shelter at the Salvation Army of the Shoals.

On Wednesday night, resident Donny Carroll spent the night at the Salvation Army. He was lucky to find a bed, because the shelter had reached its maximum capacity.

"It’s a good place to stay. It is a place where you could lay your head down and rest," said Carroll.

According to Major Donald Wilson, all 32 beds in the shelter were occupied.

"What we do is if residents come in and we don't have capacity, we begin to call around and check other places that will help them. We have a list already of places that are open. And if it's necessary, we will transport them to that location,” said Wilson.

In 2008, the Salvation Army of the Shoals conducted a mission program study to evaluate the current needs of the shelter. According to that study, the Salvation Army of the Shoals was in need of more shelter room.

"We saw that emergency shelter is one area that is efficient in our area. So we have looked to expand that and we set forth a plan to raise money for a new project. This new project will increase our size. Instead of 32 beds we will now be expanding to 52 beds," said Wilson.

The new project will require significant funds, though.  The Salvation Army of the Shoals says it will cost $1.5 million.