Parsons Announces Candidacy for State School Board

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Jim Parsons announces candidacy for the state school board. (Photo: Beth Jett/WHNT News 19)

HUNTSVILLE, Ala. (WHNT) – Mike Parsons, a retired Air Force Colonel and former Butler High school teacher, is throwing his hat in the ring to run for the Alabama State Board of Education.

He will run against Mary Scott Hunter for the District 8 seat in the June 3 primary.

In Parsons’ announcement at the Marriott Hotel in Huntsville Tuesday morning, the Republican explained one of his motives for running.

“I’m concerned about our youth. I’m concerned about where we’re going with this Common Core Standards plan.”

Parsons said he is adamantly opposed to the Common Core Standards.


  • Jarod Norvel

    My name is Jarod Norvel, Col.Parsons is my former AFJROTC instructor at Butler High school. He helped me find my plans for life, this man has helped many people. I said all of that to say he is a great man and I believe he will make for a great school board member .

  • Halemah Shalabi

    My name is Halemah Shalabi, Col. Parsons taught me AFJROTC from 9th to 12th grade. I am the former Group commander at Butler High School and Col. Parsons taught me leadership, honor, integrity and loyalty while I was a student at butler. He has helped me be more disciplined not only in school but also in everyday life. He helped me find my path throughout high school and also has one of the main reasons why I am joining the Air Force after college. I am a Butler alumni and I would be proud to see my former instructor as a member of the Board of Education. He deserves it more than anyone else I know.

  • Charli Hall

    Although he may have been excellent at what he was responsible for teaching, that does not necessarily qualify him to “throw his hat in the ring” for a position on the state’s school board. We would be better served by someone that has been a dedicated educator knowing the ins and outs of the system and what is best for all teachers, students and schools in our state.

    • Bella Rose

      I absolutely agree being in the military although a great sacrifice for our country and training JRROTC in a high school in no way qualifies a person no matter how “honorable” to serve in position as a STATE BOARD OF Education member. We need qualified educators not politicians in that position of all local, state and federal Boards of educations.
      Also It is my Understanding that Mr Parson’s has an elite narrow view on equality and citizens constitutional equal rights in law by his affiliations with extremist elite groups. As a citizens I do not want someone so narrow a perspective deciding the rights and future of our children’s education in AL or any state for that matter. He can in no way claim to represent all citizens equally in his public office while protesting citizens rights on the streets of our cities.

  • Pamela Watters

    I plan to share far and wide a photo of him protesting at the Hsv. women’s clinic. My friends that are against abortion, still don’t believe in people, especially men, shaming and harassing young women that are going in for medical care. He also spoke at the anti-abortion rally, made up of mostly religious zealots.
    Alabama does not need a school board member making rules for our children, according to Parson’s version of the Bible.

  • Melissa

    I will not be voting for yet another white male bigot who protests women’s rights. I will be sharing the photo Pamela mentioned as well.

  • Zan (@ZanP)

    Who on the School Board is a “qualified educator?” Not a politician? What makes an elected School Board Member that makes policy for every child in Alabama, not a politician? Just asking!

  • Zan (@ZanP)

    Melissa, what is a “women’s right?” Are women less individually responsible for themselves them men? Are they less able to take care of themselves the men? What right is granted to them that make them special? Where is the right written or where does it come from? Since I am a women, I need to know, might be missing out on some really groovy stuff!

  • Bella Rose

    constitutional; citizens inalienable and private rights are written in the Bill of rights. EQUAL rights and representation IN LAW are EVERY citizens right to be supported and protected by LAW. ALL citizens (including but not exclusively) Women’s rights are to be represented equally in the law . That is what women seek. Women to have the exact same rights as all other citizens one very big on to LEGAL contract as written in the civil rights law. of the constitution of this nation.
    Maybe you should take a civics class rather than getting your education asking people online. its a thought.

  • PT

    Wake Up Alabama your school system is broke. We rank 37th in English and 49th in math as of 2011. I tutored a young eighth grader at Westlawn Middle School that struggled with the multiplication table. He was failing pre-algebra, but not knowing the multiplication table at this point in his educational process explains why. Our state board of education is in bed with the state teacher’s union. We need to change that. Re-electing the same folks will get us nowhere. To show you how clueless the State Board of Education is with the needs of our state, the President of State Board of Education unilaterally approved Alabama’s acceptance of national standards in January 2010. He did not put it to a vote by the whole board (Quote from Mary Jane Caylor – August 2013 @ Whitesburg Baptist Church). More proof, ask Mary Scott Hunter, who supports the Alabama 2020 program, why that program has a higher standard for passing an exam for an Asian student compared to a white, hispanic or black student. Talk about discrimination. We need a change in the state education board and we need it now if we every hope to turn this around. Leadership starts at the top and filters down.

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