What’s Inside This ‘Mystery House’ in North Carolina?

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RALEIGH, N.C. — It looks like just another house in Raleigh that thousands of people drive by all the time.

It’s located at 3215 Wade Avenue, about 15 minutes from downtown.

It’s in a neighborhood, but there’s no driveway, no mailbox, the lights are never on and there’s no walkway to the front door.

WUNC 91.5 explains what the “home” is in the video above. You’ll have to watch it for the surprise answer. Any guesses?


  • Wondering too

    There is a brick house on Triana blvd near drake ave that has plywood over the windows. It has been like that for years and years…ever since they first built it. No one has ever lived there as far as I know.
    There is another house in town – can’t remember where – that looks like a nice house but I read somewhere that it was where horses were kept. ??

    • Mary

      I know there is a farm when you are headed South towards Arab on the left that looks like a mansion, but it is really a horse farm. I believe it is owned by one of the Tupperware or Heinz heiresses.

  • lindamo27

    By making these “eyesores” of necessity not look so ugly this is a great idea. Also by having to have some of them in areas where homes, or other nice buildings may be, it also keeps the area up to date, and doesn’t make property values go down either. This also makes them hidden as well, yet by being in “disguise” they aren’t subject to graffiti or other forms of vandalism and most aren’t even known where they are exactly. This video did bring one to light and mentioned others, but I doubt that those who would be looking to vandalize or sabotage something for fun or adventure will do so having seen one of these videos. I almost didn’t look at it and I was just curious. Great Idea and not bills for someone to pay, and they keep up the property to look as much like a residential or office complex, etc to keep it hidden. Good job!

    • Sherrie

      in Louisiana they paint murals on the electrical boxes to blend in with the scenery. I love this concept!!!

  • Jim

    In Los Angeles there are many hidden oil derricks all over the place but they are hidden by building facades etc. They are downtown, they are in Hollywood etc but you would never know it.

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