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Commissioner Proposes Health Insurance for Spouses of Late County Employees

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MADISON COUNTY, Ala. (WHNT) -- Take care of your neighbor - it's almost an unspoken rule here in the South.

Madison County Commissioner Roger Jones understands that. He's trying to make sure the loved ones of county employees that have passed away are taken care of.

"They spent their entire adult life working for the county and during that time they worked toward a retirement and at that part of the retirement was health benefits for their spouses," said Jones.

Jones is asking the Madison County Commission to consider offering health insurance to spouses of county employees who have died.  According to him, husbands and wives used to be covered... until the county's insurance switched.

"When they work for the county, they counted on their spouses being taken care of by the county and when we changed insurance not knowing that these spouses wasn't covered."

With so many employees devoting most of their time to the county, Jones said it's the least they can do.

"What I'm hoping that we can do is purchase additional coverage for these people because they were counting on it and some of them really need it," Jones said.

He doesn't think it's asking a lot of the commission.

"I don't know at this point what the cost will be, what I asked is for the Commission to look at that cost and see what it's going to cost to provide, and see if it's something that we can afford, I think we can," said Jones.

Jones told WHNT News 19 he believes it would be about 35 people who need the coverage.


    • EOD Guy

      It shows that working for the government is often better than working for a stingy employer more interested in profits than your well-being!

      • EOD Guy

        I would rather be a federal slug than a corporate apologist like you! It is interesting that you would deride my service as an Explosive Ordnance Disposal specialist in the military by characterizing it as a being a slug. It seems that you would feel that those wearing the uniform are federal slugs. Well done!

  • Nuclear Mike

    The 2014 Edelman Trust Barometer found the largest-ever gap in its 14-year history — 14 %points — between trust in government and trust in business.

    • EOD Guy

      I never doubted that there are many people that are also corporate apologist. They seem to congregate in the South. The elite are laughing all the way to the bank when people like you fight their battles for them.

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