UPDATE: Police Tie Capital Murder Suspect to Knight Road Shooting

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Anthony Ray Battle, 27 (Photo: Madison County Metro Jail)

Anthony Ray Battle, 27 (Photo: Madison County Metro Jail)

HUNTSVILLE, Ala. (WHNT) – Huntsville Police have tied a capital murder suspect to a deadly shooting that happened Friday night.

Tuesday, police released details about the arrest of Anthony Ray Battle, who has been held in the Madison County Metro Jail since Saturday.

Police say Battle is charged in the shooting in the 4300 block of Knight Road on Friday, January 17.  Timothy Smith, 54 died the next morning at Huntsville Hospital.

Battle is charged with two counts of capital murder.  Police say this is because the murder occurred during a burglary and because Battle shot into an occupied dwelling.

Police say they expect to make further arrests in this case, and continue their investigation.

Battle is being held in the Madison County Metro Jail without bond.


  • Hans

    He’s just going to spend time in our Resort Prisons – free health care, free cable, free exercise room, free clean laundry, free lawyer, free 3 square meals a day, …. There’s no fear of consequence for criminal behavior these days. I’ve even read where a criminal committed another crime just to get back into our Resort Prisons – life was rougher on the streets.

    • Token

      Yes, everyone knows it’s just one big neverending party in there with shrimp cocktails and white wine for all. We should just take them all out back and shoot them instead, any attempts at rehabilitation are pointless. We should live in a Mad Max Thunderdome society where we all carry around shotguns and shoot any suspicious people in the face on site. That’s the way Jesus would have wanted it.

  • Barbie Stone

    Token that is insane!! (That’s the way Jesus would have wanted it) You may need to go get your Mental Health checked out.) I do agree that they get a free ride in prison.A good hard working man or lady that has kids cant afford this OBAMACARE Ins,that is bein shoved in our face anyways. And these dam people in prison get’s all that FREE.

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