Plans For A Resort-Style Hotel In Goose Pond Colony To Move Forward

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SCOTTSBORO, Ala. (WHNT) — Scottsboro city officials say they’re finally moving toward putting a resort-style hotel in Goose Pond Colony, and say for the entire region those plans mean dollar signs.

The area where the amphitheater is in Goose Pond Colony will take your breath away. Looking down the river, you can see for 17 miles. That’s all the way to Guntersville.   Goose Pond Colony View

Scottsboro leaders have wanted to build more on it since the 1960’s. Mayor Melton Potter says that hope has now turned into a reality for the city. “It’s a 15 million dollar project, a one hundred room hotel,” Mayor Potter says, “It’s about a 14 to 16 month construction time.”

Mayor Potter says the plan is to build the resort-style hotel right where the amphitheater now stands. The upscale building’s construction plans show the rooms will all face the spectacular view across the river.

“The impact of a hotel at Goose Pond Colony is immeasurable,” says president and CEO of the Greater Jackson County Chamber of Commerce Rick Roden.

Roden says the hotel will be one of the biggest economic boosts the city has ever had. “Tourism in Jackson County is a 55 million dollar impact on Jackson County,” Roden says, “So we expect that to go up considerably.”


He says the new hotel will be advertised on a world scale. Roden says he expects it to bring in tourists from all over, boosting tourism revenue for the region and the city.

Mayor Potter says he can’t identify the developer yet. He did say the city doesn’t have to pay any funds for the construction of the building itself.

Mayor Potter says the City Council and the Goose Pond Colony Board are expected to approve the plans in the next several days.

Groundbreaking on the site is set for this summer.


  • The truth

    The only reason Rick Roden wants it because his salary is paid out of the lodging tax. That is the reason we don’t have any industry. The Chamber only wants hotels and campgrounds is because Lowell had it written into the tax code that the lodging tax goes to the Chamber of Commerce. Our tax money goes to pay the salaries of the three or four that work at the Chamber of Commerce. While the rest of us slave to make ends meet, the Chamber pushes the tourism. No manufacturing, no industry. Tourism. Golfing. Bass Fishing. All of it leads to the lodging tax.

    • Steffany Grentz

      Scottsboro gets a lot of business and money from tourism and golfers and fherman.. It does help our community. I know this first hand its a wonderful idea and will help our community tremendously this area is beautiful and people love it!

  • Diane

    I like the idea that they are bringing new development to the town of Scottsboro, but what about jobs?? Places to work here are getting fewer and fewer. Sure tourism is great, but what about the people that LIVE here?? We need jobs. Also some shopping development would be great to have here as well…you know with all the tourism that we have. That’s the whole reason for the new resort right??? Well how about bringing better stores and restaurants for those people and us the residents to enjoy as well. We need a Cracker Barrel, a Hobby Lobby, a Publix, and things like that for us to enjoy as well as the many tourists that come here. I hear we are getting a new sporting goods store next to Kmart..well that’s a start. Well start putting something in all these empty buildings around town and for goodness sake….bring in some jobs. The people that still live here need jobs to stay here. It’s just not a tourist town..we live here too!!!

  • april

    Once they build this beautiful lodge, where are the visitors going to shop and eat? There are not many local activities for anyone other than fishing and golfing. So, my question is, if you are going to offer a family friendly resort, what is the family supposed to do besides sit in the room?

    • Diane

      This is what I’m saying..I am sure it would be a nice place to go to but what do you do while you are staying in that big nice resort. There is nowhere good to eat here and no good places to shop or do anything else for that matter. This town is just one big boring place. If it’s such a nice place for tourists to come…then why don’t they bring in some nice places to go to and enjoy your stay while they are here. We don’t need another burger joint or another gas station. We need some things a lot better than that. This is a good stretch from Huntsville to Chattanooga and we need more to offer. Keeping our money right here in Scottsboro is the idea…right??

  • Frank Stallone

    Is there actually a shortage of hotel rooms in Scottsboro? It has quite a few hotel rooms per capita already. Will this actually fulfill any need/demand, or will it just reduce the profits of the existing hotels? If it just hurts the profits of other hotels, how does the city actually benefit? If we build a new building and vacate another, what did we really accomplish?

  • Frank Stallone

    The more I think about it, I’m not convinced this will be a net win for the city. It’s going to cause problems with a lot of things that traditionally happen at Goosepond Colony. The amphitheater and the surrounding ground are all used by vendors and spectators during Scottsboro’s annual 4th of July celebration, for example. But the amphitheater will be gone, and a large part of the surrounding area will be taken up by the hotel and parking.

    I also feel like there’s a point being missed here. Part of the reason that area is nice is that it’s got some natural beauty. Sure, there are already some lots and relatively small buildings, but nothing nearly as large or tall as this hotel will be. Won’t that make the area less interesting?

    Also, the road to Goosepond can’t handle much traffic at all. It can easily take over an hour to drive the very short distance from the Goosepond entrance to the amphitheater on July 4th, and another hour back out. If I were staying at the hotel, I’d be pretty frustrated at having to deal with that at any point during the year.

    • Diane

      I agree with you Frank. I think it should be more towards the entrance of Goosepond instead of way back in there. That’s my opinion. I just don’t understand why they want to spend a whole bunch of money to build this upscale resort like this “for tourist to enjoy”. I can only imagine what the price is going to be. It would most likely only be for the fisherman that come in. I can’t imagine who else would come and want to stay at a upscale resort when there is nothing to do in Scottsboro. I would really like to see Scottsboro build up with a lot more to offer the visitors that come to this town. If we can get this big resort…then why can’t we get other things as well.

  • World Traveler

    resort-style hotel…upscale building…advertised on a world scale…expects it to bring in tourists from all over… Scottsboro is a quaint little town, but why would I come to an overpriced “resort style” hotel in your town when I can go to a resort elsewhere? Sounds like someone’s pet project to spend taxpayer dollars to line their pockets.

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