Losing Money: Point Mallard Ice Rink To Close For Summer

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DECATUR, Ala. (WHNT) - The ice rink at Decatur's Point Mallard is changing its operating schedule. They're switching to a more seasonal schedule, closing in March, re-opening in October. It's a cost-cutting move designed to allow park managers to focus on their busier facilities during the spring and summer.

This is the 13th season for Point Mallard's ice skating complex, and it's the season the facility will switch to a more seasonal schedule.

"With closing down March 8th, we will open back up October 1st with a full slate of events," says Jason Lake, Point Mallard's Park Superintendent. He says it's a simple matter of economics.

"Like with most rinks, you know, come summertime it slows down quite a bit."

Even those who do use the rink regularily say they don't necessarily like the change, but they understand the necessity.

Christy Walter says she and her family are year-round skaters. "The influx of skaters is always larger after an Olympic season and so, you know, it's a shame that the rink will be closing shortly after the Olympics is over," she says. Walter adds those who do skate year-round will simply go elsewhere until October, when Point Mallard's ice rink is scheduled to re-open for another season.

Lake says a number of special events are planned for March as the rink is preparing to close for the summer. He says even more activities will take place when the facility re-opens in October.

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  • Nuclear mike

    Excellent move Decatur Mayor in these hard times to save money for your citizens of Decatur now for Huntsville to do the same and reduce more City spending with NO tax hikes!!!

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