DA: Gunner Scarano Will Not Face Criminal Charges In Deadly Wreck

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Gunner Scarano is named in a civil lawsuit regarding a deadly crash in south Huntsville in May 2013.

HUNTSVILLE, Ala. (WHNT) – A Huntsville teen will not face criminal charges in connection with a May 2013 deadly wreck.

Madison County District Attorney Rob Broussard confirmed to WHNT News 19 the toxicology report for 18-year-old Gunner Scarano came back clean.  Scarano will not face criminal charges in connection with the wreck that killed 10-year-old Jaden Coppens.

Broussard said the case was presented to a Madison County grand jury, which ‘no billed’ the case. He said that he couldn’t go into specifics, but Scarano suffered from a medical condition that contributed to the accident.

Police say Scarano, 18, was traveling at a high rate of speed on Bailey Cove Road on May 28, 2013.  He allegedly hit three vehicles and a motorcycle near the intersection of Mountain Gap Road and continued on. No one was seriously injured at that site.

Police say Scarano continued north on Bailey Cove, hitting five vehicles at the intersection of Weatherly Road. Eight people were hurt in that crash with a wide range of injuries.  Jaden Coppens died at the second crash scene.

Friday, the Coppens family filed a civil complaint against Gunner Scarano and his father, Richard.


  • Lisa

    why not? Did he not drive recklessly? Cause numerous accidents? Cause bodily harm? What is his explanation for driving so erratically?

  • Greg

    I think he was having a diabetic issue, drop in blood sugar. Not sure if he knew he was diabetic or not. I’ve had a drop in blood sugar while driving once. I pulled over at a nearby fire station because I had no clue what was going on. It was very weird and scary. Unfortunate what happened but I’m sure he meant no harm and had no idea what he was doing.

    • Bob

      Right, you pulled over.
      This kid, however, was involved in a wreck at one intersection and then proceeded to continue for a mile and a half at a high rate of speed around a curve and then get involved in another wreck.

    • Dave

      I have a close friend that is very much a diabetic and he told me that he has never had his blood sugar make him do anything irrational, crazy or erratic. He stated it makes you feel bad or very weak and tired and tired but he personally does not see how this caused such a strange incident.

      I cannot help but wonder if there is something more to this than diabetic blood sugar levels. Not judging anything but it is very odd indeed.

  • valerie

    I was there and seen the devastation that was caused…. so sad that this little girls family gets no justice for what happened. Only God knows why

    • Jim

      Justice? What would you prescribe for Justice for this incident. Jail time? or money from the kid and his parents? The kid had some type of diabetic reaction. My mother in law had one where she was driving down whitesburg then all the sudden she finds herself on monte Sano in some guys yard hanging on a ledge with the car. She obviously went into some type of diabetic episode that caused her not to remember what happened or how she got to that location. She had never had anything like that happen to her before nor did she ever have another episode like that.. It would be the same if someone had a heart attack or some other spontaneous medical episode that caused an accident. Its one thing if you drove knowing you were impaired but not from spontaneous event.. I knew the little girl and her family since she was a friend of my son and she had attended his birthday partys in the past. My thoughts and prayers are with their family for them to recover from this tragic incident that forever changed their lives…

  • SB

    Valerie, What part of “the kid had medical issues” don’t you understand?

    So let’s sentence the poor boy to death so the little girl’s family get justice… Is that Justice enough for you??

    I am sorry that there were some injuries and I’m sorry that a little girl lost her life but sending an innocent kid to jail is no justice.

    • Joan

      He is NOT innocent. Ignoring and or not taking care of a medical condition is no excuse. There should be some sort of confinement.
      But innocent he is not.

  • Nell

    Money talks and criminals walk. If you have money, you can get by with murder. If you have a medical issue, you pull over and call for help. You do not hit the gas, hit vehicles, and keep driving until your car is disabled. He shoul also be charged with hit and run.

    • Jennifer

      If you have a medical condition or situation that occurs unexpectedly and affects your judgement and reflexes and awareness, you might not have the presence of mind TO pull over. It’s not as easy as all that. Imagine a man has a heart attack while driving- not one that he tried to drive because he thought he was having it, but WHILE driving it strikes- do you blame him if he causes an accident that takes a life? I wouldn’t think so. It’s not like he’s laughing after taking an intentionally reckless joyride. I think, in this case, this kid will punish himself and learn more from the fact that it happened on his own than jail would have taught him.

  • terry

    If he had known he was having the medical issues he would have pulled over people he had no idea where he was or what was going on money has nothing to do with it the right thing for once

  • Starla

    You people are so ignorant and apparently racist. Look at his picture?? Send him to jail? Go on and on because he didn’t pull over?!!! Do ANY of you even know about diabetes?? Probably not! I do! Have any of you stopped to think that maybe he couldn’t stop or pull over?? Diabetics do to ask for a disease and shouldn’t be punished because they have it!!! Go read up on diabetes or better yet go live in the life of one for a day!!

    • Wake Up

      Staria, you are correct. When you have a serious medical condition like that you should not be driving at all. That is why his father is facing a civil case for letting him drive the truck.

    • Starla Tsosie

      I agree with you…..There are many medical conditions beside diabetes…….hypoglycemia (low blood sugar also associated with diabetes) comes on very quickly, you have no idea or indication it is going to happen and you cannot control the bodies reaction To it much less think rationally about what you need to do! The same with any other condition that could have caused a seizure. Since seizures do not give any warnings he wouldn’t have known and once it begins there is no mental ability to control ones actions or thought process. The body stiffens and he would not have been able to control ANYTHING. He may not have even known he had a medical condition. That could possibly impair his driving abilities. That may have been the very first time something ever happened. Anyone ever thought of a brain tumor or anything like that?

  • Donna AndDaniel Ragan

    It is a shame that anyone has to die in an accident especially when it is a child but suing or putting anyone in jail who hurts someone from something that they have no control over is not right either. It is not gonna bring that child back. The same thing that happened to that boy could happen to any one of us and who is to say what they would be able to do in that type of situation.

  • Tonya

    If you have a medical issue, you’re not always going to be able to control the outcome, especially if you’re driving. If someone has a heart attack and hits someone, should this person face criminal charges because he didn’t stop the car? People are so quick to condemn. It is sad that a life was lost. This young man has to live with that for the rest of his life. If you’re aware that something is going on or you “feel funny”, then you can pull over. Sometimes things just don’t happen that way. And, I don’t even know why someone said “look at his picture”. That was an ignorant remark.

    • Starla

      Got a lot of folks who love to judge and condemn as well! Don’t post if you don’t know what you’re talking about whether it’s diseases or laws! And if you don’t want someone telling you those facts then again don’t post. Prayers for both families involved and how awesome that the family of the little girl visited this young man. That had to be extremely hard for both

  • Ron

    Boy, we sure have a lot of lawyers on here. I’m sure they got their degree in Dr. Phil or Oprah. Trailer trash.

  • Sonya

    I’m with Starla on this one. Obviously no one knows what this disease is all about. I’ve seen it , witnessed someone going into a diabetic coma and had a friend involved in a wreck that his friend had a diabetic issue and he was in a coma for months,my friend lost his friend that day too.
    Prayers out to both families

  • Starla

    I love the trailer trash and morons statements! ??? Got a lot to do eith the topic and sounds real mature btw. Civil action against a medical condition? Won’t get very far in court and no not because of the way somebody “looked” but because agsin folks, HE HAD A MEDICAL CONDITION THAT HE COULD NOT PREVENT AND AN “ACCIDENT” Happened!

  • Lakeport Cracker

    Thank God my brother’s life was spared. If this is justice, I have to ask the question: Does he retain his driving license? Is anything being done to keep this from happening again?

  • Nuclear mike

    Even Geroge W’s wife was the cause of a vehicular death…now come the settlements and life-long regrets…

  • nancy

    we now know has low blood and it hit so fast that you cant act he was on his way to work one morning it hit him and co worker heard a crash called 911 when they got to him heo bp was 200/160 and heartrate was over 200 the lord he is ok and no one else was hurt so before people know what your talking about my heart go out to the little girl familyfor their it also gos out to this young man because this is somethi.g he will have to live with the rest of his life

  • Jen

    Though it’s clear he did not intend to kill a child and the courts have decided he should not go to jail, he still caused the death of a child because he chose to drive. Driving is a privilege. At the very least he should lose his license until he is 21 and more responsible.

  • Tracy

    People, you should really do your research on diabetes and it’s affects before you start judging. Also, the law does not restrict people who are diabetic from driving. I guess if diabetics shouldn’t drive, then heart patients shouldn’t drive for fear they might have a heart attack while driving. Oh, and I guess anyone with impaired vision shouldn’t drive either. Their glasses might fall off by accident and they can’t see where they are going temporarily. And, no one with high blood pressure or high cholesterol should be able to drive either. They might have a stroke or heart attack while driving. If you do the research on this kid, you will see he was a good kid. He was very well respected by his peers and his teachers at school. That has nothing to do with his “financial” situation, the “color” of his skin, or where he attended school. He also lost his leg in the accident and will have emotional scars for the rest of his life. Not to mention that he has a serious diabetic condition. He did not cause these accidents on purpose. He did not kill anyone on purpose. His parents were not negligent by allowing him to drive. He had a valid driver’s license. He had a job. He was being a productive citizen. Putting him in jail for no reason is not going to bring that sweet little girl back. It is not going to ease her family’s grief. This was a horrible accident and a tragedy to all involved. This lynch mob society that we live in is truly sad. No one ever gives anyone the benefit of the doubt anymore. No one ever does any type of research before they cast the first stone. We have become a society of blamers and instant haters. A little compassion goes a long way.

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