Featured Job: Patient Service Representative

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Job Description

Screens patients on-site at hospitals for eligibility assistance programs either bedside or in the ER. Provides information and reports to client contact(s), keeping them current on our progress.


Monday-Friday 8am-4:30pm


Other duties and responsibilities include:

Reviews the hospital census to identify self-pay patients on a daily basis

Screens those patients who are in-house and are designated self-pay for state, county and/or Federal eligibility assistance programs

Begins the application process when possible

Identifies specific patient needs and direct them to the appropriate agency for assistance

Introduces the patients to Firstsource’s services and inform them that we will be contacting them on a regular basis about their progress

Provides transition for the Patient Account Representatives to develop a positive relationship with the patient

Legibly records all patient information on the designated in house screening sheet

Documents the results of the screening in the hospital computer system

Informs the designated hospital employee(s) of the availability of assistance for each patient in a timely manner

Identifies out-patient accounts from the census that are designated as self-pay

Prints a ledger for each outpatient account identified as self-pay.

Makes an attempt to reach the patient by telephone

Outside field work as required

Documents out-patient accounts when accepted in the hospital system


Job Requirements

High School diploma or equivalent required

Bachelor’s degree is preferred but not required

Experience with medical assistance programs is desirable

Social service background or education is preferred

Must have basic computer skills

Must be able to walk, sit, and stand for extended periods of time

Dress code and other policies may be different at each facility

Working on holidays or odd hours may be required at times

Must have updated verifiable references for the last 7 years


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