NPR’s StoryCorps Coming to Huntsville This Spring

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HUNTSVILLE, Ala. (WHNT) – Have you heard about StoryCorps?  It’s one of the largest oral history projects of its kind.

More simply, it’s a chance for you to share your story and have it recorded.

WLRH-FM is bringing StoryCorps to the Tennessee Valley this spring.  The team has been in Huntsville this week, scouting locations for the mobile recording booth.

You can make reservations starting in late February to get a date and time to record your story.  Recording sessions will be held between March 13 and April 11.

WLRH will announce more information soon.

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  • sylvia kronstadt

    You say, “More simply, it’s a chance for you to share your story and have it recorded.”

    But it’s not simple.

    If you’re considering sharing your story, it’s important to realize that the consent form you’re asked to sign does not merely
    allow copies of your interview to be recorded and archived, It gives StoryCorps, a $10 million operation, sweeping, exclusive rights to your stories and pictures. “permanently and irrevocably”: They can do anything they want with your material (they’ve already turned people into cartoons!).


    Here are just two of eight stipulations in the release form:

    “TRANSFER OF RIGHTS: In consideration of the recording and preservation of the Interview, conducted on or about the date set forth below, I hereby relinquish and transfer to StoryCorps all title and literary property rights that I have or may be deemed to have in the Interview. I understand that these rights include all rights, title and interest in any copyright, pursuant to United States copyright laws. I understand that my conveyance of copyright encompasses the exclusive rights of reproduction, distribution, and preparation of derivative works, as well as all renewals and extensions.

    “I understand that StoryCorps and its licensees may, without further
    approval on my part, exhibit, distribute, edit, reproduce, publish, publicly perform, publicly display and broadcast the Interview, or any portion thereof, in all media, including but not limited to: radio, television, compact disc, in print, and on the Internet, as well as any successor technologies, whether now existing or hereafter developed.”

    You also agree that StoryCorps may use your “name, voice, photographic likeness and life story in connection with the exhibition, reproduction, distribution, publication, public performance, public display, broadcast, and
    promotion of StoryCorps, without further approval on my part.”

    StoryCorps, in other words, will OWN your story and picture, in perpetuity.
    You become “content” and “raw material” for an ever-expanding
    array of media projects.

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