Liquor Referendum Coming To Lawrence County?

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LAWRENCE COUNTY, ALABAMA (WHNT) – A wet-dry referendum may soon be on ballots in Lawrence County. Petitions are circulating asking that voters be allowed to decide whether alcoholic beverages should be available across the county. Some residents say the issue has never been more important than it is right now.

Wayne Lash says it’s not really a matter of Lawrence County residents drinking. He says it’s a question of where they buy it, and who gets the revenue.

“We’re trying to keep it in the county. We’re losing probably a couple of million dollars a year in tax revenue going out of Lawrence County,” Lash tells WHNT News 19.

Lash and his family have a restaurant on the river but he says not being able to sell beer or wine with their meals is really cutting into his bottom line.

“We have a lot of people come in, sits down order a glass of wine or a beer, finds out we’re in a dry county and actually gets up and leaves.” Lash says with Lawrence County facing the loss of its largest employer, International Paper, in a few weeks, the additional revenue alcohol sales might generate becomes even more important than before. He says in the last few weeks, they’ve collected about half of the signatures on petitions they’ll need to call for the vote. He hopes the issue can be decided before before next fall.

While Lawrence County is dry, there are two towns within the county where alcohol is available, those being Moulton and Town Creek.



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