Franklin County Deputies and ABI Raid Insurance Agency; One Arrested

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Kirk Berryman (left) being escorted by agents after his arrest.

RUSSELLVILLE, Ala. (WHNT) – Authorities raided two locations in Franklin County early Thursday morning, searching for evidence of possible insurance fraud.

Box by box, authorities removed evidence from the Kirk Berryman Insurance Agency on Underwood Road in Russellville.

Franklin County Sheriff’s investigators along with the ABI were at the business as part of an insurance fraud investigation.

Sheriff Shannon Oliver said there has been complaints filed that Kirk Berryman took payments from customers but failed to have their insurance renewed, several were farmers.

“It could have been tragedy if something had happened,” explained Oliver. “Most of these were large farm type, the complaints that we had, you know chicken houses, farm type insurance policies.”

Sheriff Oliver said there have been ten complaints filed as of Thursday morning, and said that number keeps rising.

“If something happened to even one of them, or maybe even anything, whether it be a home or chicken house or farm, basically it could just ruin them,” stated Oliver.

While searching Berryman’s truck, authorities said they located a partial whiskey still and moonshine.

Berryman was arrested by the Alabama Alcoholic Beverage Control Board and taken to the Franklin County Detention Center for booking.

Sheriff Oliver said his team will take everything gathered and see if there could be more people who don’t know they’re victims.

The evidence will then be presented to the Franklin County District Attorney.