Protesters Rally in Montgomery on First Day of Session

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MONTGOMERY, Ala. (WHNT) - State lawmakers wasted no time filing legislation dealing with the state's budget, education, and health care on Tuesday.

But before they even set foot on the floor, the real action was outside.

If you were looking to learn what issues voters were most passionate about on the first day of the session, all you had to do was step out onto the state house steps.

From Common Core standards to pro-life policies, a group of conservative citizens wanted to make absolutely sure their voices were heard before the representatives went to work.

With signs reading "Common Core curriculum is rotten to the core" and cries to repeal the controversial standards, Tea Party members and conservative Republicans gathered on the state house steps.  David Pinkleton, President of the Madison County Young Republicans, was in the crowd and talked with us.

"I think a lot of people want to make sure it is Alabamians who are having the last say when it comes to education," Pinkleton said.

In a series of impassioned speeches, the protesters also called for stronger pro-life policies.

"When you look at the priorities for this session what ranks higher than protecting innocent life?" one man cried out to the crowd.

In the back of the crowd, protesters representing the NAACP called for the expansion of Medicaid, a different type of life-saving legislation.

"Right now we are in a situation where the passage of some health care plan is not being provided," said Jeffrey Jones, with the NAACP's Mobile chapter.  "The policies are not there, so we have passive euthanasia."

Regardless of what side of the aisle the protesters are on, their message for lawmakers today was loud and clear.  They're here, and they're holding them accountable in 2014.

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