4 Arrested in Morgan County Meth Bust, Scene Similar to ‘Breaking Bad’

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SOMERVILLE, Ala. (WHNT) – Morgan County Sheriff’s deputies arrested four people Tuesday night in a meth bust that looks like it was taken from the scripts of the popular TV show “Breaking Bad.”

Deputies say the suspects were making meth in a recreational vehicle similar to how it’s done on the TV show.

Deputies were called to 813 Cotaco-Florette Road on Tuesday evening.  They say they arrived to find a small RV and smelled meth-making materials inside.  Agents with the Morgan County Drug Task Force say they recovered a one-pot meth lab, as well as chemicals used to make meth. They also found more than five ounces of meth in the RV.

Deputies arrested Randy and Ricky Teague, who are brothers.  Both are charged with unlawful manufacturing of a controlled substance, unlawful possession of a felony drug and trafficking.  Each man’s bond is set at $802,500.

Stacy Rhodes and Christina Teague were also arrested.  Both are charged with loitering and have $300 bonds.

All four suspects were taken to the Morgan County Jail.

The Somerville Volunteer Fire Department was called in to decontaminate the suspects.



    Randy Teague was arrested in Sept 2013 at Heritage Estates in Trinity for “hanging around” a meth trailer that was busted and then later released from jail. Apparently, he didn’t learn the first time!!!! This guy needs to stay in jail!! Maybe that will help him kick his habit!! Why bust them when all you are going to do is release them!!!

    • christina

      802, 000 dollar bond really it’s a fucking meth lab someone gets murdered and the guys have murder and other charges and the bond is 200, 000 what the duck is wrong with the system

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