Florence Council Continues To Catch Flack Over Walmart Location

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Coy Bramlett

FLORENCE, Ala. (WHNT) – From his back porch on Kensington Drive, Coy Bramlett used to look out and see nothing but trees and wildlife.

Now a days Bramlett has a vista that includes a parking lot and Walmart super-center.

This was a residential area and zoned that way. And they (Florence city council) moved the goal-post to incorporate what Walmart wanted to do,” stated Bramlett.

In 2012, Bramlett and several other residents petitioned the Florence city council to stop Walmart from building in their backyards.

That did not happen, and Bramlett said he does not fault Walmart for decreasing his home`s value, he said that lies squarely on the shoulders of the city council.

I think that it is bad that the city council actually allowed them to come in here like this,” explained Bramlett. “I`m not against Walmart, it`s where it is what I`m concerned with.”

Walmart store manager Todd Rasberry said their sole focus in designing the store was making sure they are good neighbors to the residents who live in the north Florence area.

That`s what we want to do, is try and make sure we are as good a neighbor as possible for our shoppers. Because if you are not a good neighbor, they are not going to shop with you, and we are not going to get what we want either and that is sales,” said Rasberry.

As for Bramlett, he said he will just have to learn to live with his new neighbor, he said he doesn`t have much of a choice.

According to Coy Bramlett, since Walmart announced it would build on Cloverdale Road, four homes that back up to the site on Kensington Drive have not sold.

Other properties in the area have gone up for sale on the commercial market, hoping to lure in other businesses.


  • Nate

    Get. Over. It. Your home value is what you’re worried about? Poor, poor Coy… Anybody that knows anything about real estate will tell you that something like a simple walmart building CLOSE to your house has ZERO to do with your homes value. Your home has everything to do with its own value. Willing buyer, willing seller. I better not ever see this clown shopping in Walmart.

  • Jessica

    I can totally sympathize with this poor guy…
    The neighborhood I grew up in was surrounded by corn fields and forest land. Those woods were our playground, and they bulldozed it all and put in a mall. The mall made our quaint little neighborhood look so trashy…

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