Big Ed’s Pizza Burglarized, Security Cameras Being Installed

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HUNTSVILLE, Ala. (WHNT) –It was a long night for the owners of Big Ed’s Pizza.  The restaurant was burglarized early Wednesday morning.

“Shattered glass, spilled the beer,” Darrell Denton described the mess that the burglars left behind. “I don’t really know why, but some of the beer tap was opened and just a brick in the floor. that was it.”

Huntsville Police responded to the scene. Denton is a co-owner of the pizza joint and let officials in to survey the damage.

“I think they maybe came in before, saw what they wanted and was able to get out,” said Denton. The burglar(s) threw a brick through the drive-through window and entered the pizza restaurant. Denton told WHNT News 19 that the intruder got away with about ten dollars in change and a television.

“A 46-inch Phillips,” he said. “It sat right up there for the customers at the bar and it wasn’t bolted down or anything so I guess it was quick access.”

He thinks the alarm eventually scared off the burglar. “We’ve got motion sensors for the inside, they work absolutely fine. I think just last night it was convenience, just being super quick.”

Denton said that this is the last time anyone steals from the family business.

“We’re getting security cameras, should have them installed in the next day or two.”

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  • Sue

    Hope the police catches them! So for ten dollars in change and a t.v. these thieves risk theit freedom. They evidently think they will not get caught. I suppose they think if they do it will be little or no time in jail.That is a big part of the problem. There are so shootings and drug problems that the jails are too full. The main thing is though if they get away with that more crime usual continues. This is an evasion of privacy and makes owners of businesses always on edge. They should be taught things like this will not be tolerated!!

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