Jury Finds Former Asbury Assistant Fire Chief Not Guilty

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Photo taken outside the courtroom (Laura Christmas/WHNT News 19)

MARSHALL CO., Ala. (WHNT) — A former Asbury assistant fire chief is not guilty of assault in the first degree.

After hours of deliberation, a jury came to that verdict Thursday afternoon just before 4 p.m.

Kenneth Jones was accused of running over another man with his truck in the Asbury Volunteer Fire Department parking lot in 2011.

Marshall County Sheriff’s deputies say both men were arguing over an issue unrelated to the fire department.

The man Jones was accused of assaulting, Marlon Banks, was taken to Huntsville hospital at the time for precautions.


  • SEL

    Someone needs to wake up about this assault. I can’t believe the Marshall county Deputies said it was a arguement ove things unlated to the fire department. Mr. Banks was not transferd to Huntsville hospital for precautions. He was med flighted to the hospital and spend many days there and has underwent numerous surgeries and to this day walks with a cane and is unable to work.. NO I am not a relative of Mr. Banks, just someone who would like to see justice done to Mr. Jones. What a laugh this trial must be but not for the Banks family.

  • md

    The Asbury Volunteer Fire Department, and all its “employees” needs to be brought up on ethics violation charges. Since when does a “volunteer” Fire Department have money to buy a lawyer for Mr. Jones?

  • SS

    Of course the fire department paid for him a lawyer, because if he lost his trial there would be a good chance they will lose their civil trial ! Marlon Banks is unable to work and is paying all of the hospital bills for this and the fire department is worried about what this will do to the insurance of the fire department if they lose . Justice was not served in this case and what kind of message is this sending to the community ? There has been so many murders lately will justice be served there ? Money is the key concern over the welfare of a member of this community and that coming from the department that is supposed to ensure this families safety .

  • Jojo

    I well I have respect for the banks family, but it was the same fire department who let a young girl come up dead while ridding in a fire truck with no seat belts an was justice serve for here I think our firefighters an chief should be drug tested wat is going on with our asbury people

  • Burt

    Well till death do we part if Oj can buy his way out of murder then AVF can afford to buy mr Joneses way out of an assault with (intent to kill) a deadly weopon. Moral of this case make sure ur wliiling to kill or die for the sake of arguing guns up driver

  • M.W.

    Banks was not taken to Huntsville Hospital for precautions. He was flown to Huntsville Hospital with serious injuries. Left leg was broken in 24 places. Had broken hand. He has underwent 4 or 5 surgeries and still has at least 2 more to go. Maybe more. You need to get your stories correct before you report them!

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