Preppers Say West Virginia Water Issue Points to Need for Planning

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DOUGLAS, Ala. (WHNT)-- As people in nine West Virginia counties are still coping with no tap water, back here at home some people say it's time for preparedness.

"When I saw that on television about West Virginia I was hoping that a lot of people had some water stored up at home because a small isolated incident like that, it can take a long time to clean up a water system," says Marc Neuffer.

Neuffer is with the Marshall County Preppers.  It's an organization that supports preparing for both natural and man made disasters, like the chemical spill in West Virginia.

"We tell people it's the small things that are going to get us," said Neuffer.  "The chance of something happening nationwide or worldwide are very very slim.  But we all the time have things happening in local areas."

He says everyone should have a water supply that is separate from your city source.

"We at Marshall County Preppers always ask people to keep a week's worth of water on hand so they don't have to depend on that."

The preppers in Marshall County now have 800 members.  They meet the first Monday of each month at the Guntersville Rec Center.


  • Wake Up

    What this shows is not the need to be a “prepper.” What it shows is the need for more stringent regulation of dangerous businesses!

    • Triple Lindy

      Ah, the rallying cry of the liberals “Let the government take care of us!” Good lord, have you not been paying attention for the last several years? Did not Katrina, Sandy, floods, tornados, riots and storms teach you anything? The government cannot and will not take care of you.

    • DDay

      We do need more regulation.
      Any accident could have happened
      regulation wouldn’t help that
      people need to be prepared

  • C

    Wake Up… I believe you will find that there are already regulations against allowing harmful chemicals into the water system.

    • Wake Up

      C your correct, but wrong. This case was not an intentional dumping/discharge that violated existing regulations. This case was one in which the inspections of the holding tanks was so weak that the leak was not detected until it was too late. Also, I did not say regulations do not exist at all. I said we need “more stringent” watchdogs over corporations!

      • TB

        Wake up – clearly we need bigger government to take care of is all.
        Perhaps a new more stringent government agency?

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