Four Confirmed Flu-Related Deaths at Decatur Morgan Hospital

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

DECATUR, Ala. (WHNT) – Decatur Morgan Hospital Spokesperson Leigh Hayes confirms to WHNT News 19 that there have been four confirmed deaths of people who tested positive for the flu.

All four patients tested positive for the flu and had other health related conditions, according to Hayes. No additional information about age, sex, or specific strain of flu was released.

On Tuesday, Decatur Morgan Hospital will hold a press conference with head of the Vector Control Program, Dr. Scott Harris, about what to do to battle flu.

The CDC issued an official Health Advisory about the illness on December 24, 2013. The very young and the very old are the two groups most vulnerable to the flu, except in the case of swine flu, which traditionally sickens more children and young adults.

Dr. N. Rao Thotakura, a local pediatrician, told WHNT in December, “I think the best thing we all can do is get the flu shot. It’s not too late now.”


  • Red

    This article leaves out A LOT by not also telling us about the other conditions these 4 patients also had. I realize that was probably not allowable due to privacy concerns, but it has the effect of making the flu sound more deadly than it should be described. Most people know that if you are vulnerable, you are more likely in need of the flu shot.

  • Terry Le Dactyl

    This fragmented news is going to panic a lot of people. It scared me.
    What were the ages of the patients? The health history of the patients? Decatur Morgan treats a large migrant population…did the deceased have no access to general health care? Hopefully we will “soon” learn more from the news sources.

  • Laura Skipworth

    My husband is 48 years old with no health problems. He was tested positive for the flu and two days later admitted to the hospital were he got worse. Ended up in ICU on a ventilator. Got out of the hospital after 13 days. Back in the hospital for blood clots in his lungs. People need to understand how dangerous the flu can be.

  • Cindy

    Can we know what type of flu this season’s flu vaccine prevents and what type of flu the people had who died?

  • Dana

    Why are we not being let known more about this? It’s not normal for people to die from the flu! I encourage everyone to stay away from DGH. There is some kind of horrible virus that is going around and can kill people! Until we know more STAY AWAY FROM DECATUR GENERAL HOSPITAL.

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