15-Year-Old Arrested In Bench Warmer Shooting; Club’s Liquor License Suspended

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HUNTSVILLE, Ala. (WHNT) - Huntsville Police say a juvenile has been charged in a shooting early Sunday morning at the Bench Warmer Too, a club on University Drive.  The club has also lost its liquor license for the time being.

In all, five people were shot during a fight inside the club -- two juveniles and three adults.

Police say the suspect, 15, is charged with five counts of first-degree assault, and is being held at the Neaves-Davis Detention Center.  The teen's name is not being released.

Police say the teen has been arrested before, and say the shooting stemmed from a fight inside the bar.

The three adults who were shot are Jordan Darell Baker, 21, John Wesley Brewer, 20, and Craig Allen Shelnut, 31. The names of the two juveniles who were shot are not being released - they are 16 and 17.

The Bench Warmer is listed as a lounge with an entertainment license, and the liquor license stipulates that anyone allowed inside must be 19 years of age or older.

Because several juveniles were present when the shooting took place, Huntsville Police Chief Lewis Morris has suspended the city liquor license.  The club owner voluntarily surrendered his license.

Huntsville Police and the Alabama Beverage Control Board (ABC) continue the investigation.


  • Madison Girl!!

    Assault??? What happened yo attempted murder?? Suspended liquor license, I mean come on, shut the club doors! Too many of the same incidents has occurred at this place!! Pay twenty extra dollars and they let you in, this is why so many of the creeps was there in the first place!! Club on the weekend and stand in the assistance line Monday- Friday!!

  • towana james

    I feel offended by this comment because my children were in the club and they are not creeps just to young girls steping out to enjoy themselves. you should filter your words befire posting. it was a tragic incident but not all people involved were offenders.

    • mscollierkeepit1jilli

      Towanna what you should feel is shame for letting your children out to party so soon. What are they gonna do when they get club age? They will probably be pregnant by then.

  • james

    Shut the door put owner in jail for minors in the place you know that’s we’re drinking. Them make an example of the 15 year old life in prison no parole he did it once he will do it again no youthful afinder aloud. You know everyone says it’s time for change than stop the violence

  • JR

    To wanna, you would have been to blame had your “to young girls” got shot and killed. It wasn’t an indecent it was a thug with a gun.

  • Randy W.

    I say shut the place down. The club owner, the security officer(s), door people, and the shooter’s parents should have to answer for this. People should be able to feel safe in any night club. Everyone should be held accountable for their actions, which led up to this terrible incident, especially the minor with a gun.

    • Greg

      Actually, randy, one of the security staff was shot attempting to break up the fight. So, therefore, he did his part in trying to make it safe. He didn’t deserve taking a bullet to accompany shitty pay to once again be breaking up a fight between hood rats that frequent this place. So yes I agree whoever was checking IDs should be held accountable as well as the club owner, but don’t point fingers at all the security staff unless you’ve worked in that kind of environment before. I have.

  • Roger

    When will these young punks and thugs get their shit
    Together? Y’all are damaging Your Rep/Brand!!!
    Straighten up, get it together. And you wonder
    Why so many have such a low view of our youth

  • mh

    towanna this must be one of your kids posting this comment because there is no way in hell a Mother just made that statement

  • april

    people r always so quick to judge situations like this. i happen to know there are many tools out there that are available for teens to make fake ids or use older siblings. dnt just naturally assume everyone that works there is at fault. there r risks involved at any club and when thats the lifestyle u live u know that already. i know they check u b4 u enter to keep idiots from bringing weapons in. js dnt bash anyone including the owner. nobody bashing him when he donates to charity like toys for tots. i dnt know them very personally but i do know they r good people and im glad to know some of
    them and call them my friends. everyone makes mistakes and hires irresponsible people at times. the real one to blame is the one that was a sissy and pulled a gun…or his mom for not raising him to not do ish like that

  • CP

    First of all I need to say that the Benchwarmer should have been closed a long time ago, because of all the incidents that happen in the past. Where are the fathers and Mother at?, letting their 15 yr old out that time of night, were they at? on crack? Black young People please stop the violence. Quit killing each other over THAT MAN MADE DEVIL DRUGS. I have never seen this much crime in Huntsville alabama, Did all the police force go on vacation? Where are the police at? on the south side? “WAKE UP BLACK PEOPLE”


  • truth

    Lock em up and toss the key, the kids and the bar owner! Wheres the parents of these juveniles? they outta be tossed too! Get off the pipe and watch your friggin kids , you could lose foood stamps cause of this!!!!!! stupid ghetto rats

  • trey

    They was to old to be fighting that lil boy , he shouldnt even been able to get in because of his age and the weapon was on him bad security business . Kids cant go out in have fun because the young kids trying to beef with eachother

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